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This design was created to participate in a contest hosted by @mediaworks, while the contest is a graphic design contest that allows participants to get a number of Steems. for more details about this contest please check the announcement here.

What Is ? is a platform and an online marketplace that are powered by smart contracts, allowing vendors to put their products and services up for sale!

The product data as well as the exchange between buyer and seller occurs through Ethereum smart contracts.

MainNet Release!

Users can now visit and put their products up for sale as well as see what's on offer. The platform is ready for the big stage.

Creating an Offer

Users can create their own offers by going to the website now.

What Can Be Sold/Bought? allows the sale of any products of services a vendor may want to sell. The big difference is that can support items that traditional P2P marketplaces have no way to accommodate, such as cryptocurrencies and tokens. Although has these features it does not take away from selling products such as game items, legal services, etc.

Traditional vendors can now put up their items for sale on and have an added source of revenue, while cryptousers have an easy way to purchase items using Ethereum.

About Design

This design aims to help promote, this type of design is a simple and elegant promotional brochure that is suitable for all purposes. and below are some examples in the use of this design.

Design Result


I present a simple, fresh & modern design to @bcshop_io, Hopefully this design represents everything that the project owner wants.

Original File

Google Drive :


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