How to explain to your child where children come from.

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How fast time runs! It seems that here, you recently learned about pregnancy, first you took your baby in your arms and could not stop looking at the long-awaited miracle. And today, this baby already goes to kindergarten and does not stop asking a variety of questions.


"And where do the children come from?": One day they will hear, and it is at this very moment that most parents leave the ground under their feet, their tongues begin to weave and dozens of thoughts turn in their heads like a hurricane . In order not to be taken by surprise, you must prepare yourself in advance for the "adult" conversation.

Child psychologists insist not only on the need to eliminate all taboos of this delicate subject, but also recommend telling the truth. Therefore, should fairy tales about storks be forgotten? otherwise, he risks not only cheating the child, but also undermining his credibility.

How and when to say where the children come from.


  • Approximately at the age of three years, the child notices the difference in the structure of the male and female bodies, and at the same time begins to be interested in its origin.
    Parents, of course, do not go into detail and all at once they "throw" so much information on the head of a small child. At this moment, the first stage, a simple answer is enough: "Before you lived in my mother's womb, and then you grew up."

  • Later, at the age of 4 to 6 years, the baby will ask him to explain how he ended up with his mother in the stomach. It's time to give other information. You can construct the answer in this way: "Mom and dad loved each other very much and wanted a son (daughter). Then my father gave my mother a seed, which in the belly became a baby. And in the hospital, the baby came out of the belly. "

  • A younger school age also requires talking about it. The books can help you. The sexual encyclopedia for children gives good answers to the questions "How is a man different from a woman?" And "Where do the children come from?" Everything is called there by their names (penis, vagina, sperm, etc.), and the images give a more vivid and complete picture.


  • The child grows up and has new questions, this time about gender relations. Parents should prepare a 9-12 year old boy for growth and puberty. The question "Where do the children come from?" Acquires a new meaning. At this age, boys and girls should learn directly about sexual relations, pregnancy and contraceptive methods.

It is very important to adequately convey to the child that only adults can have sex. This is an act of love, not just entertainment. It is also necessary to talk about methods of protection and about things like abortions and venereal diseases.

  • The transition age (12-14 years) is characterized by strong hormonal and emotional changes. If you have done everything correctly so far and your relationship with your child has reached a level of confidence, then the teenager will contact you with all the questions of interest, which means that many problems can be avoided.


Do not think that explaining to the child where the children come from is a very difficult and practically impossible task. Just be a true friend to your baby and never hide the truth, only then you can raise a real person.


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