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@vornix was born right after me and a couple of friend spotted the demand increased @steempress received that juicy 1M delegation. Everyone including me suddenly want to own a blog to make use of the steempress wordpress plugin. We gladly took the first move to provide a very convenient solution to Steemians while claiming it out first venture in the business on top of blockchain, although Vornix is not a DAPP by definition.

The journey is soon to be ended due to various reasons. Built some relationship and learnt some lessons along the way, and let's move on to the next project.

Vornix 身为 Steem 上第一个 Wordpress 服务提供者终于告一段落了。基于熊市的低迷还有无法持续创造现金流等问题,多三个月就会结束了这段旅程。令人欣慰的是,Vornix 的出现让人们以极低的成本真正体验了完整版的 Wordpress。现在就是时候让用户们决定是否继续在那个平台上持续创造了。

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真是非常可惜,但还是谢谢你和@vornix 的付出

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