According to research people who are honest are more physically and mentally healthy

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Maybe there is something that we do not know about the meaning of the word honest, let us learn more deeply. The honest notion is the attitude of a person who expresses something truthfully and truthfully, neither adds nor omits. So it can be concluded that honest is the actual nature of the realization, if not delivered according to the fact that his name is not honest but a lie or a lie.

Honest nature is very important and must be owned by every individual. Compulsory for us to always try to be honest in any case, oral, deed.

> According to the saying of (Benjamin Franklin); "Honesty is the best policy". However, the quote "Honesty is the first chapter of the wisdom book" was given to Thomas Jefferson, as used in a letter to Nathaniel Macon.

Generally humans to maintain the trust given by someone is not easy to get for the second time. What to do to keep others up and always be honest:

> Believe that the honest nature will not harm the owner. In fact honesty will be very useful for yourself and for others.

As for the impact and benefits caused by the honest nature:

  • Bringing Peace
  • Practicing the power of the heart (patience)
  • Removing from Bad Things
  • Promoting Identity
  • Growing courage
  • Creating a circle of love
  • Honesty fosters connections
  • Honesty can dampen and eliminate emotions
  • Avoid any problems
  • Have lots of friends and members both in the business world and in people's lives
  • Good for yourself and others
  • Learn to be willing to sacrifice
  • Avoid from slander others
  • Become a Trustworthy

According to research people who are honest are more physically and mentally healthy.

In 2012 - A researcher from the University of Notre Dame named "Anita Kelly" conducted an experiment on 110 people. Half of all participants were asked to stop or reduce lying for 10 weeks, while the other half were not given specific instructions to not lie. This research is done fairly and wisely. All participants are required to come to the laboratory every week to fill out a health questionnaire and undergo a polygraph test to find out how many lies are done during the week.


> As a result, when participants in the group without lies did not tell lies more than 3 times a week, the symptoms of headache, sore throat, tension, anxiety and other problems decreased compared to the unsolicited group stop lying.

From the results of research conducted by "Anita Kelly" proves that honesty can have a good impact on human health and vice versa.

A psychiatrist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City "Dr Bryan Bruno" Says,

> "I think lying can cause a lot of stress, cause anxiety and even depression. Reducing lies is not only good for relationships, but also good for yourself. Most people know the bad effect of lying to the relationship, but not recognizing the extent to which the lie can cause stress."


Honest attitude in life there is no harm to the perpetrators. Honesty will keep for the perpetrators, wherever and whenever it is. And Honest has proven good impact for human health, while lying will be bad for the culprit.


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Hello @lucky1001!

This post contains about honesty and lies, as well as the words of praise in the form of a lie. So you as what?

This makes total sense.

Being honest makes us feel comfortable with ourselves, because we know we are acting on a correct way, without deceiving anyone nor doing damage to other people.

When we feel good with ourselves it is more likely to remain healthy.

That's right, so that's a proven fact. Likewise when I look at various corners of the world, anywhere. All becomes chaotic, maybe the head of state is deceiving his people, so bad impacts are fatal.

So What is your opinion?

Yes indeed.. When you lie you always feel that someday someone will catch you and you cannot concentrate on anything...Truth always wins over lies..

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