RE: The world's oldest travel company Thomas Cook goes bankrupt, end of traditional TAs?

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The world's oldest travel company Thomas Cook goes bankrupt, end of traditional TAs?

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I'm not a fan of package holidays myself, but they do have their place, even now. The best thing about them is that you can book a holiday and then pay it off in instalments, which is really valuable for lower income families.

It also depends on what kind of travelling you want to do. Some people just want to go somewhere and relax at the beach or beside the pool and enjoy an all inclusive package, so they don't have to worry about paying for meals or how much money they will have to spend while away.

And some people just don't want to have to have the hassle of doing everything themselves. The market has changed for tourism and travel meaning there is much less demand for package holidays, but they still have their place.

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yea I agree, changed the title. Probably package holidays kind of travel is gonna stay for a while. But actually they don't make much profit any more, as you can book the package holidays easily with online bookings sites just with a few clicks. Often it's cheaper and better quality.

I agree, in fact new ones have come up recently. Easyjet created a package holiday service website in the last few years too... Thomas Cook may have survived if they had put more of their business online.
Its more the older generation that don't like or trust using the internet that will still use traditional Travel Agents, but they won't be around much longer.

Like you said, the industry is changing, and if a business doesn't change with it, it will be doomed.