The Missing Piece In The Financial Abundance Puzzle For Content Creators

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It’s been a while since I’ve written about money.

I have to be honest here, I felt like I’d gone as far as I could with it.

I worked with hundreds of people on their money blocks.

Some had tangible results. Others didn’t

So, I became frustrated.

After all, I hadn’t left my cushy job as an owner/director of a financial planning form just to keep talking about the bish-bosh.

Besides, I had learned some amazing information about health and our ability to self-heal, so I wanted to share that.

However, the world turns.

Thoughts become things.

Well, the energy of financial abundance has now manifested in a new way in our reality.

This is hard to explain, so I’m just going to share the results.

I am now being rewarded with between $300-500 per week just by sharing information on subjects that interest me.

I am far from the only one.

There are THOUSANDS of content creators, sharing knowledge from recipes through to revolutionary acts.

We are uncensored and…….


For our videos

For our podcasts

For our blogs

And, it hasn’t cost us a penny!

Not only that, we are all able to literally give FREE money to others who inspire us with their content.

Without spending any of our own money.

This is the power of BLOCKCHAIN technology.

I’m sure that you have heard about the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

It has been portrayed as some kind of crazy, speculative investment.

That is doing it a huge disservice.

The technology involved is world changing.

I haven’t got any Bitcoin. I sure wish that I had bought some when I first heard about it back in 2011.

However, I do own STEEM.

It has even been a source of income for me.

And it cost me nothing to earn it, other than the time I used to create content on subjects that I love talking about anyway!


STEEM is a cryptocurrency that powers the Steem blockchain. Here is a description from the FAQ’s (Steemit was the first and is the biggest DApp hosted on the blockchain) is one of the many websites (including, DTube, and that are powered by the Steem blockchain and STEEM cryptocurrency. All of these websites read and write content to the Steem blockchain, which stores the content in an immutable blockchain ledger, and rewards users for their contributions with digital tokens called STEEM.

Every day, the Steem blockchain mints new STEEM tokens and adds them to a community's "rewards pool". These tokens are then awarded to users for their contributions, based on the votes that their content receives. Users who hold more tokens in their account as "Steem Power" will get to decide where a larger portion of the rewards pool is distributed.

Effectively, this new, decentralised currency is being created daily to reward the contributors to the blockchain, whether through their creativity, entrepreneurship, carrying out the tasks that maintain the blockchain, such as running “witness” servers or even commenting on and curating content.

This is unique among social media platforms as, rather than the platform exclusively benefiting from your work and attention, for the benefit of their shareholders, Steemit and all of the other DApps (decentralised apps) enable the users of the platform to receive rewards for their attention and contributions.

It doesn’t stop with written posts. There are DApps covering most types of media, including:

DTube – Video platform similar to Youtube

DLive – Livestreaming and also video hosting

DSound – Sound platform, including new music, DJ mixes and podcasts

Steepshot – Photos and images, similar to Instagram

Zappl – Short, snappy posts, like Twitter

Fundition – An awesome crowdfunding platform, which will be superior to any that are currently out there.

And many more.

In fact, I will be using an incredibly useful Dapp when I post this blog. It is a Wordpress Plug-In called #steempress and it converts Wordpress blogs immediately into Steemit posts.

This is awesome for bloggers, as it now enables you to write on any subject and know that you will receive some form of payment for your work.

This is without selling or advertising anything!

In other words, it is extra income, for doing what you already do. Plus, a potential entire new following for your creative work!

Personally, I have had great success producing #dtube videos and #dsound podcasts. I have recently been inspired to create more content on Wordpress and therefore use the #steempress DApp as well.

If you are writing blogs on Wordpress, this is now an incredible opportunity to add a new revenue stream.

You can also convert your past blogs into Steemit posts using @steempress. I was able to do this with a dozen or so of my old posts.

And, it has given me an extra incentive to write blog posts again, which has upped my blogging game and is great news for my website and online presence going forwards!

You can check out my Steemit page here -

It’s been a bit quiet recently, as I’ve been moving house. However, you will see the Steempress posts, DTube Vlogs and DSound podcasts that I’ve been creating.

In addition, just today, I read about Fakebook shutting down many big accounts in the alternative and complementary health/spirituality arenas. One example, Collectively Conscious, a page that had represented 6 years of someone’s time, energy and money and had almost a million followers was just shut down without warning and had a generic email sent through to explain it.

Here is an article on that -

There is just SO MUCH that I could say about the opportunity on the Steem Network. However, I hope that what I’ve said so far is enough to interest you.

In summary, some of the reasons I love the Steem Blockchain are:

  • Decentralised and therefore largely uncensored (there are ways that vile content, such as child abuse etc can be removed)
  • Creators AND curators/commenters can earn financial rewards
  • Reaching a new audience – often free and alternative thinkers
  • Being directly paid for what you would already be doing to promote your work, ideas, build credibility etc
  • Generally positive interaction and much less trolling and argument than on other social media platforms
  • An opportunity to get involved with and understand blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, without having to invest (other than time and energy). This is really important, as this tech is truly evolutionary and is already changing the way that many things are done
And, a BIG one – through this network, I have been able to connect with, be supported by and support some incredible communities. I have built genuine friendships and co-created content with people all over the world that I would never have met without our shared journey into this exciting new technology!

A few people have already asked me for 1-1 coaching in how to use the Steem blockchain to create inspiring content, reach new audiences and build financial abundance.

I learned what I know through trial and error and am now seeing good results after about 7 months of dedicated use. I’ve no doubt that I’ll continue learning more and more as both I and the platforms evolve.

So, if you’d like to take advantage of what I’ve learned and shortcut to your success on the platform, as well as break through any limiting beliefs about what might be possible for you here (using tapping techniques of course!), let me know.

You can email me at [email protected] to book a quick chat and find out if this is for you.

One last point. I believe that blockchain technology is a true evolution in human consciousness. We are in the early days. However it is breaking the stranglehold that the banks currently hold on the world’s economy and creation of money supply.

Some of the systems are providing genuine alternative ways of governance, so we have many exciting opportunities here.

As one of my Steemit buddies, @bobaphet likes to say, “The greatest things to come from this technology haven’t even been imagined yet!”

Steem on!

Please note that I am not a financial adviser these days and am not making any investment recommendations. However, if you are interested in using and understanding blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, without having to invest any of your fiat currency, the Steem blockchain is definitely worth a look!

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It still blows my mind a bit thinking about how all this works. I remember when Steem first launched, and people were saying it's a Ponzi scheme. I found it really ironic, because all of those Bitcoiners had somehow forgotten just a few months or years earlier, people had been saying the same stuff about Bitcoin. The few who took the chance did very well, and helped build the most positive social media community ever.

The other day my friend linked me to an interesting episode of Sam Harris's podcast talk where they were talking about universal basic income. They always seem to present it as if it's the only way for people to get paid in the future, but things like Steemit already exist... In a few years the experts will surely be saying "Nobody could have seen that coming!"

I had no idea what any of this crypto stuff was about until I moved in with Dowza.
I was asking a lot of questions about it at the time, I didn't even know that you were into crypto until last December ^^ Maybe you should talk more about it :P

Yes it's amazing.

I don't like the implications of universal basic income. It sounds all sweetness and light, but in reality it will increase dependence on the state, along with all of the negative results of that.

With concepts like Steem and whatever comes next, it is not required in my opinion.

This is awesome Sam.
I'm going to link this to some of my fence sitter friends.

Cool - great time to jump in!

This is exactly the summary that should get peoples blood flowing faster.

Why, how, and enthusiasm.

100% an a phat resteem on it Sam!

Thanks for your support @karinxxl.

This is an article that I am sending out to all of my clients and my mailing lists tomorrow to hopefully engage some of them with Steem, as I've been getting some interest from a few of them.

As I did it on Wordpress, it also came over here via @steempress-io - which is awesome and hopefully should showcase how effective it is.

This article was up within about 3 seconds of me posting the Wordpress article!

It's amazing to know SAM, how STEEM is helping you to do whatever you want or like to do! Maybe it doesn't work for many people yet but it has proven again and again that the potential is huge. Thanks for writing a post in #Promo-Steem tag, I am sure it will be rewarded by @steem-ambassador(s). You have summarized the offerings of the blockchain for various kinds of people creating content in different niches. This will def help many social media users to get a clear picture about why they should be joining STEEM. :) Cheers!

Great piece of content, thanks for making some noise!
You're pretty right: the idea is groundbreaking. The implementation works, not perfectly but it has changed a couple of lives worldwide already. And it will do in the future.

I'm happy the payout of this post still was open and I could give you my 100% upvote :-)

Steem on!

Thanks for this post - it was hugely relevant to what I was talking about on my blog post here:
So I had to quote you and refer my readers to your post!

My pleasure - I have replied on your post and will be doing more of this in the future to support both my clients and the future of the STEEM blockchain.

Great read. I’m into crypto around 2 years now and never really checked out steemit until last week. I’ve a bit to learn yet so I may be sending you an email but I’m building . The two guys who came up with this idea !! What spaceship did they arrive in ?? Mind blown !