SteemPress Theme Update

in steempress •  3 years ago 

Hello Steemit!
Hi @jesta !

I continued developing the Steem Press Theme based on the feedback I received. Here are a few mockups.

Live Mockup

I also started the mobile interface

Mobile Interface Live Mockup



Homepage Alternate


Reading 1


Reading 2


That's it! I hope you guy enjoy it ;)

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its getting better all the time

Thank you very much!

Nice design, i like it.
Hope we can choose it :)
Thank you

Thank you! ;)

Why name it steempress, is it because you are using wordpress theme?

Hello @juvyjabian
I'm doing this themes suggestions to @jesta . He is building a blog platform like wordpress based on Steemit
Checkit out:

Great, I guess this will make steemit more like other social sites in terms of design.

Maybe. I believe that we are going to see different types of website using steem blockchain to 'monetize' the content. Steemit is great for many but a few would prefer to stay in a place where the subject is more precise with their taste, like my writing platform Scribe .

Just responding to say sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet on this. Thursdays/Fridays are super busy for me currently. Still planning on going through them again!

Hey @jesta - No worries. I will be traveling during this weekend and I may end up without connection. I will be back at Sunday night.