The way we are raising our children, is the most correct?

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In recent decades, the way in which children are taught has undergone significant changes. The family structure has also changed dramatically.

The extended family gradually disappeared. Currently, in many families there is only one child and, often, only one parent. Therefore, the child is the center of absolute attention of the people most responsible for their education.

This was not the case before, when the interest was distributed among several children, and other members of the family, such as uncles or grandparents, had a great influence on the education of children.

"If you want your children to have their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders"-Abigail van buren

This new model is mainly characteristic of the middle and upper classes. For this reason, this implies an additional element that causes concern.

The children also became a status symbol for their parents. They are your "big investments". There is a competition for those who have the most beautiful, smartest children.

Excessive attention to children.

The new model of education tends to produce more or less perfect children. It is characterized by constant observation of what they do every day. But not only that, but also a total control over your future. Parents "design" a promising future for them from the beginning.

To meet expectations, parents are often also attentive to the sole objective: to ensure that children do not have a bad time to solve any problem they may encounter. Getting into difficulties does not fit into this scheme, let alone get out of these disorders without the help of parents, without doing the right thing.

On the other hand, the parents became very insecure. They are afraid to exercise their own powers. They behave like a kind of "training" of their children, and not like their parents.

They project their own desires and goals on their children, and fear to enter into conflict with them, because the rejection of some of their actions affects them too much. That's why they think about it before establishing restrictions.

Children today

Focused in this way, education does not seem to give encouraging results. In general, this gives birth to children who face difficulties or disadvantages in an insecure way.

They do not know how to act when they are no longer the center of the universe. At the same time, it is difficult for them to understand that to get something else, you need to demand.

Children who grow up in this model feel they are better than others. However, at the same time, this perception disappears and goes to the other extreme with an overwhelming ease.

All their "self-love" ends when they find themselves in a situation where others do not applaud what they are doing.

These children are good candidates for addiction. If they are at a crossroads, they will probably call their parents, instead of trying to resolve the situation for themselves; As adults, they will believe that a sign of their partner's love is that they endure all their incidents without any critical opinion.

After all, because of the languages spoken or the skills that are developed, emotionally they are still defenseless children.

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