Lose weight and look good episode 116

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It's been a year now since I came back from "fatness". This time, I'm not too much into fitness, more like trying to maintain an active lifestyle, at the same time to take care of my food intake. I knew for a fact that, I can work as much as I do, I can spend hours at the gym, but all that hard work will just go to waste when I eat the wrong stuff. The only problem now is, having discipline to stick to the plan! Sunday morning was quite cooling, as Saturday evening rained. But then again, early morning the sky is rather grey. I don't wanna recycle old sun rise photo trying to be the "positive guy" and making up motivational quotes, so I share what I saw. This is where the entrance to the park city besides of community police check point.

Today I tried to maintain a regular pace on my run. Having the same time answering and replying WeChat messages as those kids are having a long night during Saturday night. I think I lost focus a little due to answering messages. I'm still not too use to regulating my pace and I got carried away, running a little too fast everytime I figured I am slightly behind. Regular runner, can you tell me how do you really regulate your pace? Do you chase back what you've lost? Or do you just run as is even if slower. But if we kept the same pace even we found out we're slightly behind, which means we will be forever behind best time? Apologize on the shaky cam, the sky is not bright enough, the auto ISO makes the "exposure" longer, and the end result is blur. I didn't notice this when it was viewing on the LCD screen from my phone. It looks quite decent on a small screen.

Tadaa... My favorite bit of the weekend run, which is run towards my favorite breakfast place, SUBWAY. I know bread is a form of processed food, I also know the sauce is not as healthy as it claims, but I just like it here.

Honey oat bread. Honey sounded really healthy, go read the nutrition fact on the packaging next time when you buy honey. Oat sounded really healthy too, it's less processed, and it's harder to digest. Yeah, it's only a decoration on the bread, that is heavily processed. So, once again, the super healthy sounding food may not be as healthy as it seems. Perhaps next time I should stick to wraps. The wrapper is still a processed food, but it's thinner and should have less calories. Or may be I should just stick to plain salads next time around. Hehe.

Finally, I'm back home. Sorry I haven't been showing my face lately, I really don't have the confident since I haven't lose any weight recently. The house is in a mess, and I spent the entire afternoon sorting it out. And then, suddenly it rain and the rain lasted until evening. Now I have a pile of laundry that smells a little off due to lack of sun time.


This is not a competition with @erikahfit but we respect each other and we give mutual support to each other so we will be on track and keep ourselves motivated. I want my sexy beach body, and she wanted a healthier body. I will recycle this portion of footer to keep reminding us we're on a mission.



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