SteemPress takes 15% ??

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Okay, is that, like, normal? I didnt realize that they would take 15%. My initial plan was to use them to publish EVERYthing I write so that I could link it to my site but now….

I mean, is that normal? Am I being unreasonable, and just not wanting to pay for a good service?

Okay, I'm now testing if they take 15% off of ALL posts that originate on WP, or just the ones where I tried to republish.... Testing.


Okay, weird, so it looks like they only take 15% if I try to republish Old blog posts in order to have them show up on Steem? Is that correct? Or is it some other factor... like... if I try to push through a photo or something? I'd really like to understand.


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I believe it's for all posts, then again they also curate and vote on posts once they find you so the 15% may not mean much if you get a vote in return. But yeah, some services take a cut, dtube takes 10% for instance.

Hm... okay... so in your opinion, dont sweat the 15?

typically someone who makes quality posts will end up receiving more over time from the steempress upvotes than the 15% beneficiary, but that is not guaranteed. Mostly I guess just weigh the convenience of the auto cross posting vs. the 15% cut. If you have the time to manually cross post stuff on website and steem, then probably not much sense in using the plugin I guess.

I would probably put convenience at the bottom of the value proposition. For most of our users who are serious about growing their website, and not just posting to get easy rewards, the engagement from Steem to their blog is a big value. So with our plugin, you get to have all of the engagement (upvotes and comments) that you get through Steem, also appear on your blog in the embedded comment section. So if you're starting out, and hoping to show the world that you get some decent comments and engagement, using SteemPress and thus connecting your blog to Steem grants you an instant access to a community which in turn helps you grow your site when visitors have conversations to engage with.

At least I know myself that if I were to resume my space and science writing that I did before starting SteemPress on a new blog, I would be a lot more happy and proud to share those posts when they already show a lot of interactions and 10+ comments, rather than being all empty and sad :p.

That being said, it's true that for most creators who make below 10-15$ worth of upvotes, our percent of the vote is usually greater than the 15%, and thus making it more rewarding to post through us than not. (Of course this requires the content to be orginal and good, the blog to be serious, and the engagement to be decent).

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