Twetch: The New Crypto Twitter

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I think the best description of the new platform, Twetch is what I call Crypto Twitter. The platform operates in a similar way to Twitter but it is monetized with Bitcoin SV.

The platform is unique in that you not only can earn Bitcoin SV, but you also pay to follow, post and comment. You must open a Money Button account and deposit Bitcoin SV to get started on Twetch. As of now the cost in dollars to follow someone is 10 cents. You also have the option to post, comment, and like a post for a price of 4 to 8 cents.

The fact that you must pay to post cuts down on spam dramatically. As you develop a following you will also receive payments from likes and follows. The platform is very new, but I find it quite fascinating that users will actually pay to post. I've only been on the site for a few days, but I've received payments for likes and follows. I can see that developing a following on Twetch could become lucrative at some point, but for now I've enjoyed being part of the Beta testing.
For more information on Twetch, visit their Twitter page for the latest news.

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