Delegation Support - New Users!

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Empowering Potential Geeks and Contributors

New Potential Users have Arrived!

I am fortunate to have a Big SteemPower and since I really dont need it and I dont have plans to power it doww Id fully support awesome users to contribute and perform well in this blockchain. Thanks to @bistonic from his wonderful delegation support. It was never intentional, after all he delegated this power from his own will.

I Personally Welcome these 2 Users!

@delamaria's Introduction was pretty awesome. We did not expect for @blocktrades to vote her introductory post. I am still waiting for @jayce1729's Introductory post by the way. These female users to be specific (females) lol, are smart and has a potential for them to grow and contribute in SteemBlockchain.

I will be delegating 100 SteemPower if these users are active in our Community. Ive already supported some, delegated them a little bit of SteemPower, but they are not that active. Active users like @venzam, @tphn, @venice24 and @lequiry deserves this power not just to earn Steem but to Discover what blockchain tech is.

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Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

You have receive an upvote. Thanks for playing moonSTEEM

Glad to find more people who are actively supporting the newcomers. I'm doing something similar: I try to find promising newcomers and delegate a little bit of SP to them. It's just a small delegation of 35-50SP, not enough, but it gives them a little more freedom to explore the Steem blockchain and its opportunities. I used to delegate more, but by giving out smaller chunks, I can delegate to more people and help them get started. Currently, there are 23 people on my list, but every couple of days, some delegations are retracted because of inactivity, and some new, promising people are found.

I was wondering how you found the people you are delegating to? Did you search the 'introduceyourself' tag yourself? I found that to be very time-consuming and demotivating, lol.

If I go through your previous posts, I notice you keep saying 'we' and 'our community'. It's probably because I skimmed the posts that I missed which community this actually is.

The delegation system you've set up seems to be well-organized. Mine isn't, lol. That's why I think I can learn from you. Could you give me an idea of how you work exactly?

Hey @simplymike, thank you for your time and stopping by from this post. Yes, instead of giving them upotes, how about delegating them SteemPower right? This might help them discover more.

I met them Personally, they are my closest colleagues in our University esp. @lequiry, @venzam, @venice24 and @tphn.

Yeah, Im slowly building a small community called 'The Hunt Corps' and 'GeekNest' The Hunt Corps are for dedicated and trusted users from the SteemHunt community, while the GeekNest community is small community studio hub (soon) here in Cebu, Philippines.

About the delegation System? - I never thought that it is organized well, lol. What kind of work by the way, please be specific, and Ill help you with some details. Cheers ;)

Sorry for the delay. I was just wondering how you found and selected the people to delegate to, but since you know them personally, those questions are not really relevant 😉