First meetup with global steemians @timsaid

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First of all, I almost give up to go for this meetup although i know it is hard to have this opportunity because it is rare chances to meet global steemians, it is because before I am heading to this meetup, a lot of problem happened in my office and make me feel stress and exhausted.

But at last me and @lizachong still decided to go as we dont want to be regret to missed out this meetup. Well, I do really happy to made a decision to drag myself to be there as the meetup really fund and really happy to see steemians from another side of the world.

@timsaid and his girlfriend are travelling south east asia and Sabah is the last stop. So we get this opportunity to meet them. But it is too bad as this is last minutes arrangement, most of steemians are not able to be there. When we arrived, @timsaid and his girlfriend, @veenang, @gelfire and @danieldoughty are chit chatting over the food.

It is a great experience to meet him in person and they both are really kind and humble. A lot of talking and they also sharing their journey through all the months and really fun to listen to their experience, it is really made me want to travel soon, hopefully.

As usual @danieldoughty have a lot of topics and question to ask @timsaid and also promoting to him what we do currently in @steemxp. He is also very happy to see that our community here are growing.

Due to his busy schedule, he is long time never posted anything in his blog and the latest post will be a photo when he is in singapore. He also have show us the photo he is swimming with whaleshark and the view is stunning. I am waiting him to share in steemit as the photo really impress me.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-12 at 22.56.08.jpeg

photo by @veenang

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-12 at 22.56.09.jpeg

photo by @veenang

At last we called it a day and we are walking together and send them to hotel. It is really a great time with them until when we arrive hotel we dont even wanna go and keep chatting. Hehe. This is the best part of community in steemit.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-12 at 22.56.09(1).jpeg

photo by @veenang

See you all again soon.

Cheers and steem on...

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I bet you all having some great time there bro :D


Ya bro, definitely.. cheers bro

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Wow the big shot was paying a visit to your domain huh, hope you guys were having a great time catching up!


Ya, they are travelling here fo wildlife and stop by kota Kinabalu. They going back tomorrow. Ya bro, it is a great time to be here with them. Cheers bro

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Thank you for the support

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Glad you had a great time together with them all!


Ya, it is a great time fore sure

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Thank you very much

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