Voltaire - Candide

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Candide, a little unconscious at the top of his optimism, is the usual human-looking trio of pilgrims who are constantly cheating, so-called clergy, members of the sect, nobles, sons, kings and sultans. The combination of Candide and Voltaire with a fairy tale, Voltaire, left us with an incredibly fluid work. <center>https://kbimages1-a.akamaihd.net/57f249c6-a8d6-4b13-9f93-faadc40c9062/353/569/90/False/candide-139.jpg</center> <center>[Source:](https://www.kobo.com/us/en/audiobook/candide-139)</center> Another feature of the book is the person who refers to Candide's story. When you search for the cause of each sender, there is an opposite event chain. Especially Voltaire who responded very well to critics. Morality, humanity, religion and religious use of those who have tried to be ordered. This piece of the master tells a lot of things, not just one thing. Candide, I think among other Voltaire works, I can say the most fluent, most enthralling book. Of course, another feature is the abundance of the senders as I said. Even after a while you wonder. Who did this send to? Has the owner received this send? If he did, did he dig it? Of course, it is difficult to answer these questions. We know a few controversies and fights from those times. But not all of course. I think that Voltaire books are what should be read absolutely. And it must be read a few times, not all. What was Voltaire; "Let us read, and let us dance; these two fun things will never come to any harm in the world. "I mean, I agree with him. Nice, I have no idea about dancing, but come on. Both read and dance, then read again, then again and then again. Wishing you would do the best repetition of the world over and over again. Good reading
. --- Book title: Candide Author: Voltaire Ayse Meral Publisher: Alfa Publishing Page: 170 Edition: 2016 Type: Roman --- Candide - Voltaire Rear page; Candide, one of the most important works of Voltaire, was written in 1759 by the German philosopher Leibniz, who opposed the statement that "the world we live in is the best of the world". Candide, a well-intentioned teenager, falls into the midst of catastrophic disasters in Europe, Africa and Asia after being kicked out of a chateau in Germany. Earthquakes, danger of inquisitions, syphilis, sneeze between the murders. The teacher who tells us that we live in the best possible worlds will never take Pangloss's teachings from these wonders, but we can not help but feel desperate as we see the evil of the world. A chateau in Germany is a miserable dream, a dream that stretches from Eldorado to Istanbul, takes optimism, and at the same time, life is a work that questions the purpose of life. Candide - Voltaire

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