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Jack is a lucky person born on the coldest day in the world. Difficult winter freedom, the heart of the world is frozen. Madeleine puts an hour in the waiting. Jack will come back to life. Life is a prison life. Start reading too late. You do not go out too much. They are faced with the hard and negative reactions of people. Despite all the warnings and warnings Madeleine's mother put in place, Jack becomes Love. Do not touch your hand first. Second, the anger is overwhelming. Third, do not be love. Because the house is so, the sentinel depth in his heart will come, his bones will be broken, and the turning of the heart will be broken again. I think the characters are blindly told. They only exist and live only one speed. The museum can add a big plus to the history of certain characters and a little bit of depth. It may never come to mind. The level of romance is over the limit. The power of love is a little bored. It was fantasy, a little drama. He writes about the exclusion of the different ones and their discomfort. He wrote that people could reach their goals. While reading the book carefully, it may or may not be interesting that your other clues are present. The tiring language of the book, which has an important place in French Literature, makes it difficult to read. The short story of the book is necessary to give back this negative judgment. The 138-page book is an interesting subject, not a genius or a genius. Look at Eline, but do not expect much from the Captain.

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