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Not all of us work so well or easily in a team, some of us do effortlessly merge in, others do have a hard time integrating with the team and then working effectively and some sadly never get to actively join the team and participate in it. But then, playing as a team or in a group isn’t something we can totally push aside or go away from, there are times when we are faced with situations or tasks where we need to awaken our “team spirit” inorder to put in our best and function effectively.


When I was quite little, I went over to a friend’s house to call her out so we could play since school was on holidays, when I went over, she happened to be studying with her dad, well, practicing simple arithmetic. I was around 5 or 6 and she was a year younger. It seemed like she was having a little issue solving the problem when I went over…

Well, the Dad asked if I could solve the problem which I answered “yes” to and got to work, I was able to solve it. When I was done solving it though, he asked “then, what next” and I answered confidently, “that’s all”. Well, that wasn’t all. He then went ahead to ask the daughter if there was anything else we needed to add which she said “yes” to, I gave her the pencil and she drew like a double line under the final answer. Yeah, that was the little detail I was missing, I actually did know that there was supposed to be a line there, but to me, that line wasn’t part of my answer (clearly says alot about my negligence to details)

the arithmetic was in the form of a grid. You know how kids' basic arithmetic usually appear? (Hundred tense and unit)

But well, apparently, if you don’t draw those lines, according to him, it gives an impression that you are not done solving the question, which he was right about.


It looks something just like in the picture up here

Looking back, I think that was a great time for him to put emphasis on working as a team and what we stand to achieve when we do that, but sadly, he did quite little, actually, none of that. He suddenly was praising his daughter for remembering that detail and forgot that I too contributed, I, on the other hand, made the idea of drawing that final line in my “arithmetic grid” stuck in my mind…

Now, there was definitely an emphasis on us playing together, doing stuff as a team and taking each other along while growing up in the neighborhood but when it came to it actually playing out in the presence of an adult, he gave little to no attention to it. One thing I have realized over the years is that, it is so much easier playing as a team that actually working as one, when it gets a bit too serious, it gets harder to ignite our team spirit… because we get a little bit too serious and for the most part, don't want to in some way fail ourselves or the members of the team

For a few minutes after I was done solving the question, I too felt like the “boss” (well, not so much so but you get the feeling, yeah? I felt "better" than her) but when his daughter pointed out what I left out, well, much of that feeling left but then, as a kid, I left that with the purest of heart, because all that happened to me, was just me, learning! Of course, that isn’t all I learned from looking back, I was also able to spot how bad I used to be (and probably still) at focusing on little details, which I hope to write about soon, but for now, let's focus on the team, shall we?

As I grow further though, I was able to understand better what I stand to get from being part of a team to actually letting myself play as a team.

When I was old enough to start carrying out science practicals in school, I noticed that there was always an emphasis on “team” work in the practicals handbook. Its always there, written in capital letters, glaring at you whenever you open the first (I think) page of the handbook.



Well, the thing is, to carry out practicals, we often are teamed up in a group of four or at least two. Well, of course, you are on your own during exams but before then, one has to play as a team and it is clear that how one performs during practical exams is a reflection of how much a good team player that person is.

I guess the school did realize that as science students, learning to work as a team is key. Whether you end up as a surgeon, an engineer, a scientist, whatever it is, really. We probably can’t escape being part of a group at some point and ultimately making an input in that group. Or well, maybe they just realized that when we don’t work as a team, we might end up breaking up all their apparatus and equipment (yes, there was such group! Thankfully, not mine). And besides, that does help even in our everyday life.

Being in a group, you meet different people. The “ITKs” (I too know) as we call them, those that don’t wanna engage, those people that make up excuses just so not to take part (like, I don’t talk to girls! Yeah, that’s always hilarious), those that just want to do it on their own, those that actually want to play as a team, yet their efforts being undermined by others. There are just different types of people. I was the one that plays “lowkey”. "I am here, I see what you are doing, but I won’t participate until you, in some way, kind of show me that I belong to the group". and that definitely isn't someone you wanna have in your group.

I guess I had the wrong orientation of working in a group/team (more of a trait from my personality?). Well, it didn’t take long for me to change that orientation, because if I want to learn and understand better, then, I need to be active in that group, I had to understand that we all matter there, and so also is our input and if I don’t put in my share of work, doom might be knocking on the door, well, not so much of a doom.



With time, I have become better. And even with bigger tasks that expect me to work as a team with others, I try to put in my best and at the same time, carry the other party along. Now, that’s not to say I have totally decoded the “team playing” thing, because, I mean, nothing like personal space, eh? Plus some old habits never die… but I sure have gotten better at it.

A great footballer doesn’t make a great team, neither does the team revolve around him, it takes the effort and the input of the whole team to actually make the team great. If he believes in his skill so much so that he doesn’t believe in what his other teammates have to offer and decides to play “all alone” then, failure might be knocking on the team’s door. And quite frankly, no one wants to be the reason for his/her team’s downfall.

Here Are A Few Things You Might Want To Remember When Next You Need To Be A Part of A Team
Have clear goals for your team: Obviously, there isn't no team without a goal, but sitting down with the team and making the goals of the team as pronounced as possible makes it easier for everyone (or at least most of the team members) to stay on track and know what they truly are after and the path they wanna follow to achieve that

Be Willing to compromise: If one isn't willing to at least compromise in some aspects when it comes to matters concerning the team, then, there might be an unhealthy atmosphere hovering around, and that will definitely be some sort of hindrance to the whole team

Say out your Opinion and let others day theirs too: Even if you are the leader of the team, let others say their own mind too, because that sure is a sign of good leadership. When a person in a group happens to be "dominating" just because they believe they know better, then, in a way, they create a toxic environment for the team. Remember, nothing thrives in the presence of toxicity…

Try Carrying Other Along: Others do need a little push to let free what's in them, which could in turn help with the growth of the group. Definitely, such people should be able to work on their own selves, but before they do that, for the growth of the group which you happen to be a part of, make that extra effort to carry them along and let them also help the team grow.


SWith a little extra push, we can get better at almost anything and everything. It all starts with the willingness to learn and get better, from there, we put in that effort to learn and adjust

Even here on steemit, when we put in that "team spirit" in our contribution towards the platform, then we are able to actually put in our best. It's quite a big one, but we are all part of it, and as a part of it, we can play too!

Much Love — Audrey ❤

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Sometimes working as a team player is good and sometimes working indepenntly is also good. It just what suits you and where you can fit in that matters. But one thing is for sure, no man is an Island. We just need each other in one way or the other to survive.

Both are definitely good! I think the key is being able to function just fine in both situations... Because, we can't escape either, as you said, no man is an island...

Thanks for stopping by...

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