Quinteto Vocal Aragua

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Hello steemit! On this occasion I want to share through our platform the musical arrangements for four and five voices of Maestro Rafael Suárez, who during his life was in charge of raising the international success of the Contrapunto Quintet. For this, today I will start with the first piece they played, and also the first one of volume 1 of traditional Venezuelan music. This is called "La Puerca". This piece of Venezuelan folklore belongs to the collection of Maestro Alberto Arvelo Torrealba and is a four-voice Larense beat with occasional baritone.

In the video we can see four members of the Araguayoyo quartet singing in the humanities faculty of the Central University of Venezuela. They are Jesus Linares, Jhoxiris Medina, Fabiana Sanchez and Carlos León. I hope you liked this post and I hope to continue sharing more music through steemit ...

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