Freeport A'Famosa Outlet (Melaka Premium Outlet) Review

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I recently visited Freeport A'Famosa Outlet at Alor Gajah Melaka for the first time. It's also known as the Melaka Premium Outlet.

You may have been to the Johor Premium Outlets and the Genting Premium Outlets but have you been to the Melaka branch?

I took a lot of photos of the place and checked out their shops, so here's a short review of it.

freeport afamosa outlet malacca review

Freeport AFamosa Outlet has two different entrances at each end, making it more accessible depending on where you parked your car.

At the moment, parking is still free but most parking lots are not shaded.

As the weather is usually really hot and humid in Malacca, it may be nicer to come in the evening or at night.

freeport afamosa malacca

This outlet has quite a number of water fountains and some windmill decorations.

As Malacca has some Dutch influence, it seems like they're using that concept for this Melaka Premium Outlet.

freeport afamosa outlet review

Here's the floor plan for all of the shops. There is only one-floor here, unlike in Genting and in Johor.

They probably have less shops as well.

melaka premium outlets

This is a list of the shops that are here in this Freeport A'Famosa Outlet. Do see if the shops are to your liking.

things to buy at freeport afamosa

Here are some of the brands that are in this outlet.

what to do at freeport afamosa outlet

While there aren't that many shops in this premium outlet, they did decorate the place well.

There's a huge windmill building where you can access and take photos. It's empty in the inside except a flight of stairs.

freeport afamosa malacca reviews

Another angle of the windmill and fountains.

review of freeport afamosa outlet

There are restaurants and cafes in this Malacca Premium Outlet as well, including PappaRich, Marry Brown and some other local outlets.

Well, you won't necessarily go hungry here, but the choice of restaurants isn't that appealing.

There aren't that many food outlets here, which is a downer for foodies like myself. But of course, the whole aim is to shop mainly for discounted clothing or accessories and not for food.

freeport premium outlet malacca

Love the design of the buildings here.

malacca premium outlet review

freeport malacca review

There's a small stretch of stores where they used colorful umbrellas like they do in some other places.

I'm not too sure where the concept originated from (since many are following), but it's pretty cool.

freeport melaka review

afamosa outlet melaka

For some reason, they have giant chess pieces at the food court area. As the photo was taken during puasa month lunchtime, there are almost no one dining at the food court.

Those who weren't fasting went to PappaRich instead.

freeport a'famosa malacca outlet review

Another water fountain in front of Mixxo.

melaka premium outlets review

Many of these brands should be quite familiar to you. Some of them are also in shopping malls in Melaka, i.e. brands like Cotton On and Sembonia.

freeport afamosa review

The decoration for Raya at Freeport A'Famosa Outlet.

freeport afamosa premium outlet

freeport a'famosa outlet

Many came here to shop for the coming Hari Raya during the puasa month.

freeport afamosa

Overall, this Freeport A'Famosa Outlet is pretty well decorated, but it lacks several things.

For starters, it doesn't have as many shops compared to the Johor Premium Outlets or the Genting Premium Outlets.

I have not been to the Mitsui Outlet yet, so I can't compare with it.

The strong point may be the concept of the place, but given the hot and humid weather in Malacca, it's not really to my liking.

I loved the Genting branch as it's really cooling up there and they have a competitive advantage.

Anyways, you can always come for the discounted prices, since that's the whole reason for this place.

Location: Jalan Kemus / Simpang Ampat, 78000 Alor Gajah, Melaka


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