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I was used to getting out of the bleak more days. I'm walking through the streets of New York and I want our brains to talk in the air. (As for the reason we got up at 5 in the morning, we decided to wake up from the light of the day that we couldn't make it.
The scenery was also beautiful: we were watching the sun rise, shopkeepers opening their shutters and trying to secretly change the subway banners if we were lucky at home. Right now, we were watching the world awaken to the new day.
Sounds great, doesn't it?
Let me tell you without being affected; it took exactly 3 weeks. But before I wipe away the sleep of the world eyes, I never forget how strong it feels to be awake.
I knew I owed myself to try again. So I set a goal this year: I'll wake up at 5 a.m. There is no option to give up.
In 2 months, it has changed my productivity as much as I ever expected.
You're Just Feeling Awake
For a while - I tried to get a lot of extraordinary and failed: the other is not good enough for the period of awakening in the 5th, the alarm was postponed due to my printing.
But you know, I'm happy with these failures. On the contrary, it makes him feel like a large cargo of the morning. As the author Tim Ferriss said; morning earning is the day's gain.
Now I wake up on the wrist like Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington and Mark Zuckerberg. It's great to start your day early: some people are drinking coffee or watching baby videos to come to them. But I'm just waking up, taking control of my day. Just waking up, doing something right.
Set Priorities
An American wakes up at 6-7.30 in the morning, at the beginning of the hour, up to 5 minutes I have 1-2 hours without going shopping. No emergency mail or call yet. ”What are you doing this morning?“
Spotify is perhaps a few steps to play on my song list.
That's the luxury: 2 hours before the rest of the second, instead of getting out of bed and strangling things, I decide what doesn't matter to me. Because my mornings belong to me, I devote to the calm and relaxing activities I like.
Even better, when I go to work, I'm more calm, happier, and I have a more peaceful head for the rest of the day.
You have control over everything else
When the alarm went off, she pulled the duvet over me. The sound of my head says I'm tired. What would you get in five minutes?
I'm working on her muscles like this: for example, when I plan a side plank, do not burn, I strengthen my eyebrows. That's how I'm reinforcing my control every time I force myself to get out of bed - not just for the next morning, but for my whole life. These days, I can focus on one job better. I'm getting more habits. Most importantly, he created confidence in his will. When I get out of bed, I know I can handle it.
Your rights to talent are a completely unchangeable night owl. If you're one of them, you can keep standing up to the morning. But what I don't understand yet, I can't find it, maybe it's the change you need to get up to reach the peak in productivity.
Early is not necessarily 5 in the morning - just earlier than that. Of course, it's not something that suddenly happens. Instead, first of all a few habits
Normally rest earlier than design; that is, 2 hours before sleeping, move away from all advantageous means. A sleep pattern was created. Find a way to sleep more quickly - breathing, dreaming (like thinking the first 3 things in the morning). Get an alarm clock to get you out of bed.
Yeah, it's hard to get up early. But I promise; When you get this habit, it's great to know that you remember, regain your mornings and take control of your life, and the universe will feel like you're proud of you.

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