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Novruz holiday is a very beautiful holiday celebrated as the arrival of spring. The summer months create conditions for the spring awakening and are celebrated in some countries as New Year's Eve. In many countries, including Azerbaijan, the new year is calculated from December, but the new year is calculated from the Novruz Day, with the Iranian calendar. Today, it is also celebrated as the birth of the new year. Interesting concert programs and theatrical scenes, as well as decorations, as well as diamond bowl, this holiday symbolizes people's consciousness, as well as the happiness in their lives, giving them the desire to live. This festive celebration attracts attention with the mysterious and beautiful nature of humanity who wants an interesting world. The symbols of Novruz are pineapple paste and the base is also sage. It is a symbol of abundance and richness of the state. And it is a great moment for us to celebrate Novruz, which is the beginning of beauty.

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