16 Really Possible Things You Can Actually Do Today

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1) It's possible to see something that offends you on the internet

But able to move the fuck on anyway. This must be one of the possible things you can actually do, but the internet is so vast that people forget that it's possible.

Like, literally all you need to do is decide that you don't want to let that tiny comment, review, screenshot or video to not get to you. Then you move on and surf better shit.

Sounds easier said than done? Perhaps. But only if you think so.

2) It's possible to say 'no' to a friend

Even though it'd displease them.

Because you have the right to your own views, opinions and decisions. Giving in too much just to please someone is how you make yourself unhappy.

Besides, it's good to be straight with your friend and let them know the truth about who they are, especially if they're starting to get toxic.

3) It's possible to go home after 2AM even though you're drank too much

That way, you can save a ton of money and wake up feeling less shitty from a smaller hangover.

Unless you're passed out on the side of the road, you're still in control of your boozed-up body.

4) It's also possible to only have one or two beers only

And not let it snowball into a crazy night where you drink ten beers and get fucked up.

Control yourself.

5) It's possible to not use your phone before bed

Put the phone aside. Go the fuck to sleep.

Or read a real book instead before that. That's one of the possible things you can actually do today to get better sleep.

6) It's possible to not show up when you really don't want to

Doesn't matter if it's a wedding, some sales call or your friend's birthday.

If you don't want to, then just don't.

And yes, it's possible that the other party would be okay with it.

7) It's possible to be happy without a self-help book

Because you're living. You live. You grow. You create shit and memories.

That's how you learn and find the answer yourself.

8) It's possible to be honest as fuck with yourself when someone upsets you instead of judging them to be wrong

When someone makes you upset, it's a time to be honest with yourself. To judge them to be wrong outright is only saying that you don't wish to fully understand the situation or each other.

9) It's possible work a job while working your own business at the side

You don't need to go through a grand, monumental where you quit your job and call it the best decision you ever made. It could be the worst ever in fact.

You can be employed for the stability and money while working on a business at the side slowly. It's probably a better idea as the money you make from your job would give you the confidence to do so.

10) It's possible that you get to sleep well at night after being rejected by her/him

The moment has passed. Move on.

11) It's possible to live a whole day without social media

Give it a shot and realize how much you're missing out on what's in front of you.

For a start, try deleting the mobile apps. Only use it on your computer at night. Not only is it one of the possible things you can actually do today, but it's also a whole new way to live.

12) It's possible to be alone

And still be happy.

13) It's possible to not want to love life

And not be considered crazy for it. I don't think you can love life everyday anyway.

Some days are shit while some days are good, but tomorrow is always waiting for you.

14) It's possible to clean up after yourself at a fast food restaurant

And not act like a man child.

15) It's possible to let it go when it doesn't make any sense

Because the truth it, it never will.

You let it go despite not getting what you want.

16) It's possible to not be busy today

Because ultimately, if something or someone is important to you, you'll make that time.

And also, you've the rest of your life to be busy at any time. It's up to you to make the choice to un-busy yourself now.

16) It's possible to not read too much into things

Like how there're 17 things in this list, but I wrote 16.

That's it! A list of possible things you can actually do today.

Another cool list:

7 Strange Questions That Help You Find Your Life's Purpose by Mark Manson

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@aldentan Good article i like most **spend whole day without smart phone and enjoy life which u are missing

All great points and I think they all kind of nail home the point pretty much everything is better in moderation

Thanks for sharing this.
I find the Number 1 really important. The internet is really so vast that many just don't care to pour their venom out without recourse to whom it may hurt.
But the choice is yours to walk away or get stuck.
Thanks for sharing.

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