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Axie Infinity

Hi there! Welcome to the Axie World, my name is Tigreruon. That's what aguantalaopinion called me. This time I'm gonna be your guide through this adventure, he asked me to come here and give you a tour of Axie Infinity.

To begin with, we're in the World of Axie Infinity: that's what this blockchain-based game is called, it's a fantastic place full of creatures like me. Axie is a fun and cute game with many innovative features where you will have excitement and competitiveness. Our world works around us, the Axie, a kind of virtual pet cute but very forcel at the battle time. We live in places called Terrarium, I'll show you one of them later. The Axies, despite being the same species, everyone has its own characteristics and appearance.

pura vida

What are the Axies

We are little creatures that you can adopt just like a pet in real life. We are somewhat strange little creatures, we are the same species but each one of us is very different. There are infinities of combinations taken from different parts, including parts of insects, beasts, birds, reptiles, plants and aquatic animals; we are a kind of failed experiment or maybe a very nice chimera blublublu….. In some occasions even personal objects like glasses or sandals are in our bodies.

Our creators were encouraged by initiative received from two main ideas: Pokémon and the Tomagotchi, presenting a decentralized game on the Ethereum platform, where you can enjoy our world, exchange and sell Axie with other players.

After all, the Axies are not pets with whom you will only receive love and will attract your attention with jumps. We can protect you if some bully tries to steal your backpack. Axie don't tolerate bullies and we always defend our masters.

All Axies are inspired by real life creatures and other things like inanimate objects. We can also increase our skills and level by fighting with other Axies. To unlock the potential of your Axie, you must take care of him and understand him as a real pet.

Axie Battles

At Axie World, we have battles to make ourselves stronger and gain experience in the process. Axie battles are in groups of 3 Vs 3, our masters can organize the groups strategically and position their Axie effectively for their attacks. If you want to learn how to use your Axies, you need to understand and study their strengths and complement those of other Axie.

Where the Axies live

Meet my home, this is where I live. This is my territory, it is called Terrarium. Terrariums are a small space with different types of surfaces or terrains such as water, desert or grass. You can decorate your terrariums with some elements, and within that terrariums you can feed your Axies and take care of all their needs to keep them ready for battle.


Aquatic Axie

We have the class of aquatic Axie, who have the ability to use water as a defensive weapon, besides having great resistance. They are very friendly, always loyal to their masters

Beast Axie

The Beast Axie type are brave warriors ready for battle. Their attacks are highly accurate and made to survive in the desert. The other day I met one of them and he was pretty intimidating, his roar terrified me a lot.

Bird Axie

One of my favorite. The Axie birds have excellent attacks and are really fast, but have very low resistance due to their little defense. They love to be in the trees and eat fruit.

Reptile Axie

There are rumors that the reptiles Axie are of an ancient class possessing Prehistoric genes in their DNA, which has given them the ability to live in volcanoes and extremely hot places. Statistics show the reptilian Axie as one of the strongest opponents you can find, thanks to their highly effective attacks.

Plant Axie

The plant Axie have a great capacity for healing and defense, but as they are creatures that feel comfortable in its nature, they are a little slow and have a hard time making friends with other Axie. They like to spend time in the forest, always going in herds while taking care of nature.

Bug Axie

My friends Axie Bug, are a peaceful species with a calm life under the shadows. Being a very serene species, their attacks are not as effective, but even so by leveling up and build on their skills they will be able to unleash their fiercest attacks.

Hi, I'm Tigreruon's friend. My name is Stella, and I am a legendary Axie. I like dropping in places where many people can see me. Tigreruon has told me to formal invite you to our world and get your own pets, and join our Spanish community. You can ask as many questions as you like to my friend @aguantalaopinion, he gonna help you out how to join our world and the Discord chat.
@aguantalaopinion will help them join our world and the chat of Discord.

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It's looks like an awesome game.

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