Testing 'SteemPress' - posting on own blog plus Steem blockchain simultaneously?!

in steempress •  6 months ago

This is just a quick little test. I am posting this on my FortressFree.com blog using WordPress. I've just installed a plugin called 'SteemPress' which supposedly will post this also to my Steem account. Let's see!

If you're reading this on 'FortressFree' and don't know what I'm gibbering on about, then perhaps check out my previous post which touches on my more recent activities in this area.

If you're seeing this on Steemit… then that's a good sign and means it's worked! I'm not sure if it's necessary to make some tweaks to make it look right over there but I guess we'll find out. If it works well and you have a separate blog, then it's surely a great idea.

What do you think? Anyone have any experience of this plugin?!

Anyway, let's see if we can bring together the technology to all work in unison… or just cause a mess on the interwebs. Either way… ;)


Posted from my blog with SteemPress : http://fortressfree.com/testing-steempress-posting-on-own-blog-plus-steem-blockchain-simultaneously/

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This is the new plugin, right? I tested another one about a year ago and took it off my blog again because it wasn’t very pretty.

I’m only on a small screen phone now but on your blog it looks like a regular blog post and here like a regular Steemit post :)

So I guess the point of the plugin is then just to save time, instead of having to post twice?

In that case the old plugin was better because a visitor to your website would see your earnings under each post, which would surely make them curious. And if they wanted to comment they would be asked to join Steemit. Better for onboarding people to Steemit, right?

Still, if the purpose is saving time, this one is doing a pretty good job!


Yes! Well, this is the only one that I'm aware of anyway. It seems to work well from a straight posting perspective (I guess we'll see with a more 'complicated' post).

And it would definitely save time, although I'm not sure if it's frowned upon by Google etc as it's duplicate content. Or maybe the benefits would outweigh the 'penalties' (ie. your post would get more exposure in one way, but one of them might be 'punished' for SEO… if that's a concern).

I guess it's good too for setting up multiple drafts. You can't with Steemit (as far as I know)… you can with eSteem but it's just mobile, and I have no idea about Busy or anything else.

I like the idea of the other plugin you mention as it would be good to include those features too. So, something that looks good as well as contains those other aspects could be cool…

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Cool, thanks!

Interesting. I had heard about steempress but hadn't really looked into it. But since I'm seeing your post here on Steemit.com I guess it works! lol.


Yeah, seems to work ok!

@adambarratt you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!


No worries, I spotted it and thought it was ridiculous. Thanks for the upvote - actually both your vote and their flag was past 7 days but I appreciate you re-setting the score, so to speak!

Interesting to see what comes out of the steempress plugin posts to steemit.


Yes indeed. I'm not sure how much I'll use it but it's certainly a good idea to try and bring it all together and create a smooth experience!