Mirroring thoughts of a short pause

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I haven't ever imagined that I would need a Steemit detox or that I would see myself having that, but I just had my first one. At least on my posting activity. When I checked my blog today I realized that it's been two days since my last blog post. A record for me as I come from four posts a day in my "early times" around here. This time around though my inspiration to write anything, besides a bit of text attached to a photo, two days ago, went almost to zero.

And I tried... But almost any phrase I would put on the page on any topic at all seemed nonsense at not worthy of reading it. Not even by myself. Thus I traded writing for reading more while also commenting on some articles from time to time, but out of my "blog brand" nothing came out in the last two days. So, I can consider this my first Steemit detox. A short one, but I guess a needed one, because lately, I felt too often that I am posting just to keep a norm while realizing at the same time I don't like norms and fenced behavioral patterns either.

I know how I got into the bad habit of norms and also how to get out. By trying to be consistent, as many of us are trying, as this seems to be golden ingredient for the recipe of Success on Steemit. Because when you are consistent, people see you around, read you and upvote you and you are earning Steem isn't it? In most of the cases yes, but in my case recently, it wasn't exactly like this, as my posts were struggling to break the $1 threshold and I almost always had no comment on posts, so, I started asking myself what's wrong and the number one answer that got in my head was the famous couple fights answer: "it's me babe, it's not you".

[image source]( Mirroring thoughts of a short pause)

Hence I realized that being consistent doesn't always mean being relevant. And from my own experience I realized that usually when I got pretty nice upvotes was when I was relevant and a pleasure to read sir. Same thing with resteems. So...I was not relevant anymore. I know that some benefit from good amounts of auto votes from generous users even without being relevant, but I am not on those lists and I am not winning either. I'm a man, God damn it!

Being consistent on Steemit is still a quality of my profile so don't expect my to vanish out of your feed, but I've added some topping to it. I added relevance, to give that consistency flavor and you a reason to upvote my posts. Not just because...but because you liked it and you haven't just scrolled through phrases picking ideas from random words. I am perfectly aware of my blogging skills and I don't expect flooding upvotes on my blog anymore, but I am not planning either to be consistent the way I was months ago. Just to get those $, no matter what and no matter how.

Will I ever post again four times a day and be "that consistent"?

Probably, if there is something relevant in my head worth spreading around, but I am not planning on keeping that norm stubbornly fulfilled playing only by numbers. Plus, if any newbie is reading this post, I am sure that you may have read other big ones, before me, and you probably watched some youtube videos also with tips and tricks on how to rock on Steemit and...they might help you in a way, but if you plan on being consistent, because you saw that on X's profile, I advise you to try and be relevant also. You won't get anywhere just by being consistent and you wont make tons of money selling bullshit either. Going to the toilet is also being consistent, but nobody will reward you for that.

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Now this is a great post about not posting.

I take steemit breaks as well. Sometimes because of life and I get busy, but also sometimes because I’m processing something for a few days. I also find the input/output cycle that you mentioned to be true for me. Sometimes we need to read, to provide fodder for thought vs just cranking out yet another blah post.

Your posts are generally great to me because you’re ponderous and self aware. Glad you’re back.


Thanks for your appreciation. I really had this thing that I have to post daily or some X times a day for months and I figured out recently that it's completely wrong. I don't have to. I also noticed that when I am inspired to write, even if English is not my native language, words flow naturally.
When I just try to "score" a norm I sometimes don't like at all the outcome of my posts. It's like I didn't like reading them even if they were my own:)).
I have some auto votes, but I am not going to just post for that. I am not that way. I don't even want to become like this. Neither do I expect to get rich with this Steemit thing, so I am gonna just post whenever I feel like, no matter what others do.

Your posts are generally great to me because you’re ponderous and self aware

That thing with ponderous and self aware I am working on for years and haven't mastered it yet. I am not quitting though any soon... That's my thing, my obsession: the ultimate objectiveness.


Ya I can pretty much only write when inspiration hits me, not because “it’s time to write.” Also regarding the auto votes...I feel obligated to some quality over quantity as I don’t want to abuse their generosity.

I hear you on the ultimate objectiveness thing. I see that in you. Hugs