I am sending you a 1 SBD, but you still no voted for me !!! And upvote no!!!

thanks for letting us know, that 8k can really make a difference in voting power

I send you SBD but you still don't voted me .

The problem identified, and sent back the SBD you sent. The bot now works without problem.

Hope you will vote me within tomorrow..

Hi, I sent you 0.200 SBD, did not received upvote.

Please upvote or refund

Warm Regards,

Sent the refund. Problem fixed on the bot, it will work now fine.

wow! its a great news

Cool, sent a test order and resteemed.

I am sending you a SBD, but you still voted for me !!!

I made a refund, and find the problem, please read the problem cause, I hope it help in the future.

2/27/2018 - I Transferred 0.100 SBD to @minnowvotes
with memo:

I didnt receive my upvote. Please upvote or refund.

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