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Ok, i am new steemit, and so far, its been a little bit slow to earn something worth calling money but i am sure as time goes on, i will get an edge here. I am kind of looking for a telegram group where people from steemit form a community so that i can join and experience even greater speed to reach my goal, so please, if you have or know any group like that, feel free to drop the invite link here, i hope you know what i am talking about.

I tried creating my own through a website called mylot and i was kicked out of the site instantaneously, guess they dont want me spoiling business for them. Lol. I said over there that, steemit is better than mylot and my friends should come and join. the next thing i knew, my account was saying "THIS USER NO LONGER EXIST" their crazy ass, I still exist. Lol.

So please, do drop your link and would be gratefulDQmdd9CMRqPbctCj3zxayFUt3cBEuFKmrwAqnQyxCm3BAu6_1680x8400.jpg if you give me an upvote too



hi brightovioms welcome steemit i am same i have seen this case follow me and voted me @abdikadir

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