My Steem Power Goal - Week # 15

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On my 15th week, I didn't forced myself to reach my goal and I failed, hehe.

I was thinking about different approach. As we know there different steem-based programs that offers some token in exchange to Steem Power Delegation.

I don't have much on my account, but I was planning to delegate some of them.

For the coming weeks I will still monitor the growth on my SP. But I was planning to lease more SP Delegation to cover up those SP that I will Delegate.

Now let's go to my 7-day monitoring.

14th Week

I got 336.216 SP's + 770.876 SP Delegation(leased) on my acount on the previous week.


15th Week

After 7 days, I only got 7.185 increase which gives me a total of 343.401 SP's + 803.702 SP Delegation(leased).


I leased some SP's and extended some of those that are about to expire.


That's all for now, Keep on Steeming guys:-)

@atongis ASAR


A big thanks to @surpassingoogle, @good-karma, @hr1 & @bobbylee for all the support


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