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Time for another update on my 2018 STEEM POWER GOAL progress! Follow me on my mission to become Super Saiyan God LOL! Anyway this is my update for this week's SP growth!

We've experienced a slight increase in values of both SBD and STEEM thus our payouts have also increased somehow. So far, it's been a good week in steemit! I choose to hodl my SBD first before powering it up.

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Last week's balance (SBD): 7.838 SBD for powerup

This week's balance (SBD): 9.120 SBD for powerup

Thank you so much for all those people who upvoted my posts and specially those people who have helped me throughout my journey here in steemit platoform.

This week's still hard and I wasn't able to powerup again because I don't like the STEEM/SBD rate yet. But anyway, below is my stat before and after one week!

Last Week’s STEEM POWER: 1,289 SP

Today’s STEEM POWER: 1,305 SP

That is just 1.24% growth over a week! That was slightly below the previous week's growth but again, that is still very good! I am now 86.95% away from reaching my STEEM POWER GOAL!

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Again, thank you so much for all your supports! I really appreciate all your time in reading my posts and I also enjoyed all your comments! Happy weekend everyone! STEEM ON! PEACE!

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My Goal: 10,000 SP, Currently at 1,305 SP.

Believe and you're halfway there.

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That is a great improvement from last week. Keep going bro

Constant steps can a long way bud!!

Wowo you are doing good I am fairly new so my goal is to reach 1000sp before I reach my 1 year anniuversary so far I only have 415 maybe I will too. Too bad late ko nakita yung post mo about BAYANIHAN any updates?
Good luck hope my vote helps a little :)