Would you be willing to donate to the development of a Steem-Powered Micro-Blogging service ?

in steempoll •  2 years ago

This is another question we are asking regarding the Steem-Powered Micro-Blogging idea.

1. Yes
2. No
3. Maybe

How to cast a vote:

Votes are determined based on the weight of your vote. Follow this guideline for voting on your choice.
1. 1% - 33%
2. 34% - 66%
3. 67% - 99%

You can vote and see results here: SteemPoll Website
This poll result will be determined by: vote

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Once New SteemPoll is ready and up running, these type of funding will be possible right from steempoll.net


Still working on the redesign idea as well. Got distracted coding (O 3 0)