Help us choose Zappls logo! Please Re-Steem.

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There are logos examples for the zappl app feel free to vote on them.

Please only vote for the logos you like.
Feel free to leave comments under the logos








1. 1
2. 2
3. 3
4. 4
5. 5
6. 6
7. 7

How to cast a vote:

Votes are determined based on the weight of your vote. Follow this guideline for voting on your choice.
1. 1% - 14%
2. 15% - 28%
3. 29% - 42%
4. 43% - 56%
5. 57% - 70%
6. 71% - 84%
7. 85% - 98%

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Thanks for your opinion.


Remember these are subject to change so please share your honest opinions.



Thanks for sharing your opinion. @elementm

#2. Simple, uncomplicated, clear.


Thanks for sharing your opinion. @ullsgpir

I like number 1.
It's simple, professional, cute, easy to relate it to Zappl and it shows and easy way in and an easy way out. Very attractive.


Thanks for sharing your opinion. @melip


Thanks for sharing your opinion. @dhenz

Thank you for posting/polling.

Number 4 is bold and straightfoward.

Number 7....the symbol is working however the lettering is weak.

All the best. Cheers.


Thanks for sharing @bleujay


Thank you for your reply @zappl.

If one may be permitted to express an opinion regarding a topic related to Zappl....which perhaps includes this choosing of the logo and that is the marketing of it as well as the look of Zappl. Peersplay's marketing and design stands heads and shoulders above the rest.....obviously money is involved therefore talent can be attracted and paid . As an investor in Zappl.....bleujay would like to see Zappl on the cutting edge with sleek, elegant design and presentation to the marketplace. There is no doubt it will be and already is a would however be really lovely to see it presented first-rate.

Thank you for the opportunity to lend thoughts to this fantastic endeavor. Cheers.

I think 7 is the best, but maybe the letters could be bold (uppercase) or something :)


Thanks for sharing we will take that into account.


7 is growing on me! originally 4.


Resteemed. I believe that 4th one has the best impact.


Thanks for sharing your opinion. @dracosalieri


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Time to Zappl so hard!


nuthin but luv fo team zap :)

6 seems to be the choice by my opinion best option


I think they need to use logo 4 with a combination of logo 7 :)
Who agrees with me?

As a graphic designer, 7 is my favourite, but with slightly more weight on the text.