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Welcome to this daily edition of the SteemPlus Stats. This post aims to give you all the information you need about the current distribution of the SteemPlus Points.
You will find the Top 20 users and their SPPs, the distribution per category and total SPPs distributed. If you'd like to see more information, please let us know on Discord.

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A total of 623,458.118 SPP has been distributed to 1,171 users.

Top 20 users


Distribution per type

This donut chart shows which categories earn the most SPP (in percentage).

How to earn SPP?

If you are already using SteemPlus, youcan find detailed explanations about how to earn SPP from your wallet, by clicking on the arrow near your SteemPlus Points balance and clicking on 'How to earn SPP?' or on the SPP tab of our landing page

Not on SteemPlus yet?

SteemPlus is a Chrome, Opera and Firefox extension used by 3355 users daily.
It brings over 30 novel features to your Steem experience on Steemit, Busy and Steem Monsters. As you can see above, you can also earn SPP by performing certain actions. This will allow you to redeem your SPP for premium features or hold them to receive daily @steem-plus upvotes.

To check all our awesome features and download the extension, please visit our landing page.


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@janton are you familiar with this sir?

howdy hanali! yes, I'm doing this too.

Wow, that would be superb, because I just came across it and didn't know anything of it. I thought may be you knew about it and so do you. Am glad

yes, it is second to oc but while you are waiting to get whitelisted it would be an option to get with them, it does cost steem though so I didn't want to mention it until you got some! but you can look at my posts and see what they are paying in votes.

yeah I just saw your posts and the transfer history, with 5 Steem they are paying back 7 or 8 Steems that is superb, superb to build an account. I will just want to save some steem now and start doing it also. Thank you for the help again @janton. Just let me know what is the minimum we can start with, is 1 Steem fine to start with?

@hananali, check my answer above, there actually many ways you can earn SPP without spending anything. Ofc, spending a few Steem will get you started faster though

Thank you for the help @stpoodkev

There are many ways to get SPP for free actually.
You can check the SPP page on https://steemplus.app

that's true, I remember about that now, that's for the reminder stoodkev!

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