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Hi #steemplantscontest , my name is Joshua am from Nigeria and a final years student of University of Benin , studying social work.
This is my first participation in the #steemplantscontest .. actually i left @steemit for a while that am back this is my first participation in any @steemcontest in the @steemcommunity .

For this contest i will like to tell you beautiful family about this unwanted grass that grows in my family house , recently i travelled home to meet with my parent , then my dad asked me to do justice to the grasses that grows at our home yard ... actually i didn't wanted to do it because it makes the place greenish, again I could remember that when we were into rabbit family ,that rabbits use to eat the grasses, but now that the rabbits are no long around this plant is now an unwanted plants , funny enough how life can be .when people need you they treat you well but when they don't need you anymore ,they want to get ride of you.


So i decide to take beautiful pictures of this plants , funny enough i don't know it's name.
The most interesting part is that i never new i will be needing it to contest in the #steemplantscontest.
Will i say it's fate , but it definitely its a good one.


Should i tell you .what happen to the grasses after 7 days that i use weed killers ..
I don't thinks that's necessary but let's remember keep the world green always .



Hey! Perhaps a return to Steemit one of your best solutions))) Thank you for participating!)

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