I have capture the exact moment when a guard was asking for money and it almost cost me my lifesteemCreated with Sketch.

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Happened in Venezuela, some friends and I were traveling around the country when the national guard stopped us to ask for documents that do not exist and take money from us. This is one of the living proofs that I have to assure you that corruption is loose on the streets in uniform, and it is very funny cuz, it ended up taking the camera away from me but he was so stupid who couldnt even open the file and search for it so he never find out, i told him i was just checking old pictures, we had to pay him so he can let us go


Omg, really bad, I`m sorry for you, and how did it finish?

we had to pay him to let us go, but if he finds out he will definetly beat me lol, i update the story with more details thanks

yees, more details :) ahahha, he is really stupid :D

Sorry you had to deal with Mr. Douche. Best of luck on the rest of your travels. Stay outta harms way. 🙏🏼🌎✌🏼