It's my birthday that's why another year has gone

in steemphillipines •  10 months ago

First and foremost I want to share my birthday celebration with steemit . Because it was my first to be apart of this online blogger. I just want to thank God for giving me another year in my life, I just want to live int this world a thousand years and a good health and more pleasures with no regret .


The lights of the candle are symbolizes of hope to castout darkness in me.


I smile in front of the camera when my mom take a shot at me.


And this is my Dad besides me celebrating my birthday


also my Mom.


There you see a whole members of my family with my brother and sister joined us and also my Lolo and Mamay.

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Happy birthday fellow steemian. MAy the blessings up above shower more on you and to your family! Keep on steeming


Thank you so much dude.


You're welcome... have fun on your birthday!

happy birthday!


Thank you miss ;)

Happy birthday


Thank you so much friend

Happy birthday kabayan :)


Thank you kabayan

Happy birthday!

Yay belated happy birthday calvin.. may you have more birthdays to come.. God Bless You and your Family..


Thank you so much I appreciate it bro

Happy birthday. .


Happy Birthday CK! God bless you!


Thank you sir :)

Happy birthday and may God bless you always..

Happy Birthday!

Happiest birthday to you! I am hoping for more birthdays to come and also I wish you luck in your life. Godbless :)


Thank you so much I appreciate it!!

Happy Birthday @calvinklein47 :) God bless you and your family. More power !


Thanks a lot I appreciate your greetings!!!