Technology risen, many medicines has been discover, treatment and therapy but this Genetically rare disease has no cure up to now. Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder syndrome in which sustained or repetitive muscle contractions result in twisting and repetitive movements or abnormal fixed positions.
It can cause tremendous muscle spasm and pain due to muscle contraction.
My brother was diagnosed cervical dystonia this January 2018, it is a painful condition which your neck muscle involuntarily contract or move that causes head twisted on one side only.This condition is uncontrollable tilting, and it makes him hard to speak. It really breaks my heart seeing him with this condition.
Dystonia Symptoms of dystonia can range from very mild to severe. Dystonia can affect different body parts, and often the symptoms of dystonia progress through stages. Some early symptoms include:

  1. A "dragging leg"
  2. Cramping of the foot
  3. Involuntary pulling of the neck
  4. Uncontrollable blinking
  5. Speech difficulties
    There are some research and studies about this concern, treatment and therapy may help lessen the pain. I hope one day this rare disease may find a new innovative cure a hope for all dystonia patient.
    What we can do for them is to help motivating them and giving them hope. For those people who had been suffering dystonia they may fell into a pit of depression, became very isolated, experienced severe anxiety and panic attacks, from normal to involuntary movement of muscle.
    By giving them a hundred percent of support and love and may lessen their depression.
    I hope and I pray one day a hope and cure for dystonia will found.

That sounds horrible, I hope a cure is found sooner rather than later as well

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praying for your brother's recovery.

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Good post.

I hope there will be a cure soon and best wishes to your brother and whole famil, you guys will get through this!!!

My thoughts and prayers are with you

Which ever illness it is, check the nervous system, understand that the whole body functions are connected to the gut and detoxify. Our entire body is renewing itself on a regular basis, that's why it is important to replace the old cells with new healthy cells. Reduce the chemical stress of the body. Chemicals don't do any good, they just harm the system. @damiana

fingers crossed for a cure

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Take care about your bro, I hope everything will be OK. My prayers goes to him.
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