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Madayaw Davao!

As part of your @steemph family's effort to reward awesome content creators, @steemph.trail has been launched. In line with this, @steemph.davao will now have a daily post featuring contents from the Davao Region.


TGIF!!! Today we will be featuring posts that talk about food. It could be a recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation, or a new one was just recently tried out. It could be a review of a restaurant, or simply a dining experience there.

The Criteria:

  • Author is from the Davao Region (and neighboring provinces that are not yet under any other SteemPH regional arm)
  • At Least 3 Photos Used to Complement the Text
  • Clarity (thought organization and overall presentation)
  • steemph must be used as one of the tags

Featured Posts for June 22

ULOG: Morning Snack + Lumpia Wrapping

"A Lumpia is a spring roll, it is a traditional dish here in the philippines. It can either be a shanghai or fresh. When you say shanghai it is made-up of ground pork or beef, minced onion, carrots, and spices with the mixture held together by beaten egg. While the fresh one is composed of veggies and garnished with a sweet sauce and crushed peanuts."

Fried Ice Cream Dessert And Facts

"What Is Fried Ice Cream?
Fried ice cream is a dessert made from a scoop of ice cream, coated in raw eggs, rolled in cornflakes, cookie or chocolate crumbs and quickly deep-fried."

This is @steemph.davao's initiative to provide additional exposure to budding Steemians who exert effort to create awesome contents.

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