SteemPH Davao Daily Featured Post May 30

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Madayaw Davao!

As part of your @steemph family's effort to reward awesome content creators, @steemph.trail has been launched. In line with this, @steemph.davao will now have a daily post featuring contents from the Davao Region.


The Criteria:

Since it's a Wednesday, we'll be featuring content under the niche Photography.

  • Author is from the Davao Region (and neighboring provinces that are not yet under any other SteemPH regional arm)
  • Text may be brief as long as it still provides clear information about the photo
  • SteemPH tag was used

Featured PHOTOGRAPHY Posts for May 30

Featured Post # 1

Playa Azalea, Samal Island: A Glimpse Of Paradise

photo sourced from the post

"Do you agree that sometimes, the unplanned getaways with your gang are the most memorable ones?!"

Featured Post #2

My Daily Post -The Beauty Of The Morning Sun and The Colorful Clouds of Summer

photo sourced from the post

Summer sunrise is molten gold, always a marvelous moment to ponder on that every waking moment is a gift.

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