SteemPh Bulacan Weekly Featured Posts #1

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Welcome to SteemPh Bulacan Weekly Featured Post!

In line with our mission to provide support to dedicated Filipino Steemians residing in Bulacan, SteemPh Bulacan will start featuring posts daily and weekly to help promote amazing contents authored by Bulakeños. Chosen posts will receive an upvote from @steemph.bulacan and all other hubs under SteemPh.


  • Author is from Bulacan(and neighboring provinces)
  • Clarity of the Post
  • Must Use at Least 1 Photo to Support the Content of the Post

SteemPh Bulacan also aims to support contents from other authors living outside Bulacan for as long as their contents is all about showcasing the beauty of Bulacan. It could be about their recent travel to Bulacan or any other topic related to Bulacan that could help boost its tourism. Just make sure to use the #bulacan tag to become visible to Steemph Bulacan's curators.

Here are the featured works for this week from some of these amazing authors!


Author: @gunter01
Link: #Lifegoals
Description: @gunter01 shared about few of the things he learned about a session he attended about life goals and some key points that must be remembered to succeed in life.
Image Source


Author: @reginecruz
Link:Summer GetAway - Island Waters in Bataan
Description: @reginecruz talked about her adventure at Island Waters located at Morong Bataan and also shared amazing photos from the trip. Check it out from the link above.


Link: Tula para saknya: IKAW LAMANG LIYAG KO
Description: @ahna8911 shared a beautiful Tagalog poem about love and courtship.
Image Source


Author: @rruubbiie
Link: Atleast I Tried | Never Give Up
Description: @rruubbiie shared stories about her 3-days training and left some take away and lessons learned regarding her experience.

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