Raising Rocky (The Beagel) Day 30

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In this video, Sam our daughter introduced Rocky - a beagle puppy that we welcomed to our family. It has now been 30 days since we got him from his breeder and I wanted to give an update to our journey in raising him so far.

Since we got him on the 9th of June, at 3.5 Kilogram he has grown by 2 Kilograms, and I feel like that's just how much weight I lost since. Raising a puppy is very much comparable to raising a kid. It gives a lot of joy, as much as it is tiring.

In the video gave a few tips based on her research on raising a beagle. One of them is that they chew on everything, and that was very accurate. It's good that we had some hint based on Sam's research so we got him some toys like the one he is biting on in the picture. Below are a few more photos of Rocky's toys including Sam's furry slippers which is by far his favorite to bite on. Like Sam said in the video we had to buy her new slippers since Rocky wouldn't stop biting on the old one.

Rocky's Favorite Toy - Sam's Old Slippers

While he can get very active and annoying with all the biting specially after meals, he can be very sweet to me and @dandalion. He likes lying down near to us whenever we are working on our portables.

We learned early on that "a tired beagle is a good beagle". We walk, more like run a few laps in our small village twice a day and allocate an hour or two each day in between to play with Rocky. We usually play with him after he's taken rest after each meal to help him burn all the extra energy. This also helps him with his diet, we find that on days when we are unable to run because of the rain or we are extremely busy running errands; he eats a lot less.




Great post and cute dog!

I've only been around the beagles of friends and they are absolutely the CUTEST! My heart is melting looking at the photos here.

Oh! Rocky grew up quickly. I followed him since his first video with your daughter. Or I can say, I'm his fan club.... He is very adorable, even while sleeping….

Ha ha! From the photos, I absolutely agree with this statement, “a tired beagle is a good beagle".

Looking forward to seeing him again and again very soon. ;