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I have been wondering the past few days about the hue & cry concerning Sereno's dismissal. From her hysterical and apparently psychotic reactions to the almost unfathomable reaction of the Senate and prominent lawyers who should know better.

Where exactly do they think this will lead to? Surely they must realize as much as everyone else does that it is caterwauling over spilt milk.

The senseless drama being so emotionally played out is even worse than the EJK and the crocodile tears for Kean.

This only leads me to one conclusion. That all this is just smoke & mirrors - a diversionary tactic to divert the attention of the public and the Executive to gain time to work on the far graver, almost uncountable issues facing them.

While everyone is distracted, how much easier would it be to:

  • continue the drug trade and expand it
  • continue with the imbedded culture of corruption that has managed to escape scrutiny so far
  • find ways to bribe, corrupt, cajole people and and direct moles in important positions to forment issues against government such as what seems to be the case in the DOH and the DFA
  • "take care" of various witnesses and dispose of evidence of crimes
  • search for vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the President's security and exploit them to prepare a "last card" option

The enemy has a practically unlimited amount of resources at their disposal and a significant number of strategic allies and opportunists who would stand to lose accustomed income and privileges. It is quite apparent that as they are inexorably being pushed to the wall, to rely on Sereno's histrionics for their survival is really not the main option or one that will serve more than as a temporary diversion.

Let us never forget that this is a fight for keeps. It is a life or death struggle, both figuratively, and as we near the endgame, quite probably literally as well. The enemy would like nothing more than to lull us into believing we are on the verge of victory even as they prepare their final desperate assault.

We must not be distracted by their gambits and must simply unite and focus on the REAL issues, rather than those the enemy would have us attend to.

And be ready for their dirty tricks.

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