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In the light of the apparent refusal or inability of the DOH to take appropriate and meaningful steps to mitigate the Dengvaxia crisis, it behooves upon the sympathetic and compassionate medical professionals who, unlike most of the victims and the ordinary Filipinos, are not really wanting in resources, to do their patriotic duty.

What needs to be done:
Make a public appeal to all parents whose children have exhibited marked, unusual deterioration in their children's health since being vaccinated to REGISTER in a specific unified ROSTER for the purpose.

They are to provide the appropriate details as to when, where and what has happened, treatment availed of, and update the information in case of new developments.

This will spare the effort of having to reach out to so many otherwise unaffected individuals. It will also provide an idea as to how many and who may be affected.

These individuals can then be more closely monitored and sufficient precautions taken in the event of a turn for the worse.

Teams of experts can be formed to closely examine these individuals WHILE THEY ARE STILL ALIVE rather than just after they die.

The examinations may provide a firmer basis for demanding proper support from the DOH.

Observations can also be made as to whether the vaccination may have triggered dormant conditions or aggravated existing ones.

The data can then be collated to try to determine an effective mode of treatment as well as to provide a basis for future studies. It could actually prove invaluable in the future.

This needs to be done by a third party as the DOH and Sanofi have reasons, motives and circumstances that may affect their neutrality and independence.

This is what is needed rather than Dengkits to provide consuelo de bobo or funds for initiatives that exist only on paper.

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