Fun for steemian moms

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And because Mother's Day is coming, a little challenge for all the steemian mothers out there. I got this from my sister-in-law @vhannacario's facebook account and thought it will be fun doing this in #steemit too. Happy mother's day moms!

#MomChallenge post three pics.

  1. When you were pregnant.
  2. Your child was born.
  3. What your child looks like now.

These 9 pictures are from first month of my pregnancy to our 9th. Thanks to my husband @ardapyan who willingly took pictures of us.

A picture of my little one barely an hour old. This is my first glimpse of him since he was hurriedly put to observationroom because of his heart rate. No worries guys. He is fine.


And this? Hmmm! Just heart-melting. Haha! He says "Hiiiiiiiii" by the way.


banner made by @deveerei

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aw so cute can't join hahah don't have preggy pics anymore

Wow...i like your post... Your really capture his moment since the first month.

Awwww. Hello baby. Your soo cute. Cuddle to you. Hope you can meet Robbie too. Xx

aww ang cute naman! ang nice naman nakapag-compile kayo ng pix since 1st to 9th month! well done sis! happy mom's day!