The Issue of Self-Voting

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There has been a lot of issues here on Steemit concerning abuse of power. Of course, we members doesn't want such abuse. Sure enough, many who have so much power is abusing the system. Bidbots are often the subject of scrutiny recently. So far, there are only few buzz at the moment regarding bidbots.

Another issue which others are critical of is self-voting. While reading a post from a friend, someone commented and his comment was upvoted by him, and someone downvoted the comment. The downvoter is a bot which claims he/she is against self-voting. I checked the bot's main post regarding self-voting, a witness commented and expressed his support for the project. However, that witness self-voted his comment, that's why he was being called out by others. Someone even commented that the bot account, which was created by someone, has delegations on the bots which upvotes the posts of the bot's creator. I also stumbled upon by a post of another member who calls out on self-voting. Yes, he did not upvoted his own post. Nevertheless, there's bidbot he operates which upvoted his post.

I admit, I am not against self-voting. I even do self-voting. Why do I vote myself? For example, you are a candidate for a government position, aren't you going to vote yourself? Of course you will! You are going to support yourself! But it doesn't mean I support big accounts which creates a lot of accounts to vote themselves. That can be considered abuse. Other reason why I self-vote is I get only little support from big accounts. Sometimes, someone who can help you is yourself. The problem I see from other members is hypocrisy. If you it's sad that your account will drown from someone's pretentions.

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Like us, we are minnow we can't abuse, unlike the big person... We need the help of the big person...