MORISSETE – Made in Dubai

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Hi Steemian,

I am cordially invite all of you to the upcoming Concert of Ms. Morissete Amon (Johanne Morissette Daug Amon in real name). Guys, see you all in Word Trade Center, Zabeel Hall, Dubai U.A.E. on 17th day of August 2018 at exactly 7:30 pm.

Would you like to know who is Morissete Amon? Kindly check the link below.

This concert should have a lot of guest like Mr. Sam Conception, WISHFUL 5, the RISING DIVAS Princess Sevillena, Kimberly Baluzo, Louie Anne Culala, Carmela Ariola and Ace Bartol.

This concert is brought to you by LA VERDAD EVENTS MANAGEMENT (The International Events Management Picture of Wish FM 107.5)

We also have a lot of Sponsors such as:

PAL (Philippines Airline)
DANIEL’s Coffee
UAE Exchange
Cancios Restaurant
Bulwagang Filipino Restaurant
Magic Star
JEF AlBEA Couture
EFS Apparel
Marced Blue (Purified Drinking Water)
Morong Star (Beach Resort & Hotel)
Salut Restaurant
Fine Touch

We can buy the ticket via online
 7eleven
 UAE Exchange

Ticket Prize:

Official Media Partners
Wish FM 107.5
Expat Balita

Hope to see all!

Special thanks to @hiroyamagishi, @bayanihan, @elizafhaye, @kennyroy and @arrliinn

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Happy Steemit


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So exicted with this event and so lucky to have a ticket before it sold out 🤗

You are tagging many users just to get attention even if they are not relevant to the content.
Protip: Using witnesses as an excuse to tag them looks pathetic especially, when you are not voting for any of them yourself.


Hi bro. @gtg... Don't mind that... This post is promotional post of our project to all Filipino people who lives here in United Arab Emirates or Middle East. Don't worry I will teach my friend how to vote a witness.

Watch out your word be polite, don't be rude to him. He doesn't know yet all about steemit. Be patience to all and explain it properly. And as you see, all his tag is for all Filipino.



Thank you for carrying for newcomers :-)
It's not only about voting for witnesses (which is very important) but also about code of conduct, or best practices, etc. I know that it takes time to comprehend it.
By the way, I think that post would look much better without that trailing block of text.


What i know is.... This person is a member of @steemph.uae group who most of the members even not all, supports all the witnesses been tag in this said post... Though it is a great heads-up from you to remind the user to actually vote for those witnesses.. But no offence and all love for you, calling it pathetic is blasphemous and unacceptable cause this post's intent is to gather support for a certain event that will benefit Filipino expats working hard here in UAE for the betterment of their family back in our country... But I highly appreciate your concern and we will talk to all members who still didn't vote and those who still didn't know how to vote... Thank you so much for the heads-up...@kennyroy we'll discuss this on your server... God bless y'all


Let me explain to him all... (^_^)


@gtg agree with you. found you today and look at your activities I quite like the fact you help newcomers that is really kind of you keep it up for humanity.

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