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The process of the Sunset is often regarded as a beautiful natural event. Many of us enjoy sunset moments with loved ones. Do you know why this natural process is red?

As the sun rises and sets, the rays of the sun take longer journeys than at other times like daylight because of the distance between humans, and the sun at rising and setting further than noon.

Sunset is one of the most beautiful scene that I always wanted to see. Those assorted colors that combined as one makes it more wonderful. There are times when I am so down and disappointed about some things, but when I look up to the sky and see those wonderful creation of God, my heart just melt into tears of joy.

A natural phenomenon called Rayleigh scatter plays a major role in this. The phenomenon causes sunlight to bounce off tiny particles in the atmosphere and scatter in all directions.

Sunlight consists of various colors, including red that has the longest wave of all colors. The color of light that is able to reach humans is a color that has a longer beam of light that is red.

Colors red, orange, and yellow can reach the human eye without having to splatter in space. The three colors become the reason why the sun looks red at that time.

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