Steemph.antipolo Contest Number 2 Featuring-Antipolo Foods and Delicacies

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Since our last contest was successful we are making another contest again. If our last contest was about featuring places in Antipolo, this time we will be featuring foods that can be seen in this town.


But before we proceed, on behalf of the people behind Steemph.antipolo Community, we would like to thank those people who participated in the last contest. Your prices were delivered in your wallets. Thank you for your contributions. We are featuring it already one at a time on this account so many people would see the majestic characteristics of Antipolo and hopefully would come to visit. Here is the quick recap of the past winners and the links to their entries

@ailyndelmonte featuring MYSTICAL CAVE

@acinad featuring OLD BOSO-BOSO CHURCH

@beyonddisability featuring PINTO ART MUSEUM

@mariejoyacajes featuring CRISTINA VILLAS

@rojellyannsotto featuring CLOUD9

Once again congratulations and hope you will participate again in this contest and nailed it once more

Ok, so our topic is food. Antipolo is a pilgrim site. People from all over the country even from abroad come to the help of the blessed mother, Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. So there are a lot of tourist coming in. Anyone else who comes to place would love to explore it even more. Aside from all the scenic spots, food is also nice to explore with. When you come to Antipolo try our "kakanin". These are the carbohydrates-based sweat treats. We have dozens of selections to choose from.


In a place called Pasalubong Center you will find worth take home goodies for your loved-ones. It has an array of delicious options from fruits to sweet treats and picka-pickas



It is a Filipino characteristic to love eating. So we also love to experiment with food taste. Combining condiments in the kitchen, infusing skillful technique and some secret ingredients brought to life a food masterpiece. Filipinos love mixing foods and still came out with a delicious result. Each household has their version of a single meal. Like adobo, the famous Filipino food, it has many version
Adobo is a soy sauce based dish with vinegar and lots of garlic.

Chicken adobo
Pork Adobo
Chicken Pork Adobo
Sweet Adobo
Pale adobo ( no soy sauce)
Lechon kawali adobo
Ginataang Adobo
Spicy Adobo
Squid Adobo
Adobong Sitaw
Adobong Kankong
Adobong puso ng saging
Adobong langka
Adobo flakes
Fruity Adobo
Adobo with egg
Adobo with peanuts
Adobo with SagingSaba
Adobo with kamote
Adobowith potatoes
Adobong Talbos ng Kamote
Adobong tokwa
Adobong Patuyo
Adobong may Sabaw
Adobong talong
Adobong Isaw
Adobong Paa ng manok
Adobong Atay
Adobo sa Gata



These are just a few ways to cook adobo. These are versions of Adobo yours truly has eaten. But there is one unique Adobo that originated in Antipolo. This is Adobong Bundok. Adobong Bundok as featured in a lifestyle program in a local channel is the Adobo version of the inner organs of the native Chicken. During the old days, there a lot of straying Native Chicken in the hills of Antipolo. These chickens are being caught by grabbing them or by letting it fall into a trap. Chicken dishes are being served mostly during special occasions back in the old days of Spanish Era. But the inner organs were left with nothing to do aside from the liver. So legitimate Antipolenos decided to cook leftover chicken inner organs in Adobo style. Until it is passed on and on. However, as of today, only a few households continue to cook this due to the advent of dressed chicken in markets and supermarkets. Yours truly during his younger days, was only able to eat it in his Aunties house.



Antipolo is also famous for its indigenous fruits. Before the town was populated and invaded by subdivisions, commercial buildings, and malls, it is filled with diverse fruit-bearing trees such as santol,mangga, kamatchile, aratilis, duhat, sampalok, makopa, kaimito kasoy and balimbing.


Among this Antipolo became famous of the Kasoy or Cashew nuts. As a matter of fact, kasoy holds a name on the towns Annual festival, SuMaKaH. The last syllable stands for Kasoy or Cashew in English. In fact, there are delicacies based on Cashew


Another fruit that Antipolo is well known is the Balimbing. The name of the fruit is even mentioned in the townsfolk song that originated from so so so long ago.

"At doon tayo kumain ng suman, mangga ,kasoy at balimbing
Kaya't magmadali ka at tayo ay pupunta sa Antipolo"

Carambola or star fruit in English is a star-shaped fruit when sliced crosswise. It is sometimes sweet or sour or tasteless. Maybe that is the reason why it is called "Balimbing" because it has no distinct taste. Even if it came from a single tree, the fruit tastes assorted. Balimbing is a Tagalog word meaning taking two sides at the same time. Like the fruit Balimbing which can be sweet or sour or tasteless.



After all this previews. lets now get down to the Contest Proper


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    If it has to be cooked you can include how it is being cooked. Put some details about the chosen food.Factual and interesting
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Here is My Entry GoodLuck to All of the participants.^^ Love and Kisses @marie

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