Steemph.antipolo: A story of us all

Steemph.antipolo: A story of us all

Steemit is a young social media platform that rewards users from everything they normally do in other forms of social media. It also encourages users to be on their utmost originality and sincerity. It is a place of being just yourself. This is just so marvelous (and at first, too good to be true) that you can hardly keep it to yourself alone. From sharing of such wonderful information, Steemit propagate to a group of friends in Antipolo City which led to a birth of the first-ever Steemit based Community in Antipolo.


Never knew that this platform will bring back together certain people that were separated by personal life activities and will be a venue for the manifestation of their once was a dream, that is to extend a helping hand to those in need.

Steemph.Antipoolo is composed of a group of Steemians located in Antipolo. These are people of different talents, behavior, wants but bounded by a common goal, that is to reach out to other people. Differences were settled for the reality of this common objective.


The People Behind

Once there was a group of youth who were gathered together as a result of the conspiracy of universe and fate. We were on another venture before. That was the time that we were learning about each other and who we are and what we want. Idealistic we are, not knowing we were of so much expectation with each other. Expectations which were not met end up producing disappointments and led to further disappointments. But we are all human beings of a different point of views. It is inevitable that at times you will not come to terms with your teammates. It is normal to have a misunderstanding at times. But unfortunately, instead of getting together...instead of knowing each other further...instead of meeting halfway we were separated by our contrasting perspectives. And there was no other way but to disband.


Pursuing our own separate paths, we still did succeed in our endeavors. We were still able to earn well. We were being able to provide our needs and wants. But once again fate brought us all back together. After a period of dispersion, we become more mature towards the view of life. Lessons were learned. After a considerable space against each other, wounds were healed. Time is really a great healer. Sometimes if a relationship would not work when you are still together, try to walk away for a while to find peace and ponder upon what was said and done.


Bringing all the lessons from our past experiences, we became more open and understanding with each other. Maybe all those conflicts before was meant to happen so will be stronger and wiser now. So, we will be more sensitive and be caring about other people's feelings. This time everyone is equal. No superiority. No power trips. Less bullying. Though in any group there will always be someone who leads the pack, still everyone is as important as the leader. No one is a filler.


The Birth

Steemph.Antipolo wasn't planned. It just came spontaneously. From an event resulting in another event, Steemph.Antipolo was born.


During the time that we went our own separate ways. One of us discovered Steemit. Regardless of what has happened in the past, he was so generous of sharing this brand new platform to his former teammates. This is the main reason why all of us are certified Steemians.


It all started with a mere catching up dinner that turned into a meeting. With all the success they were reaping, an urge to share the blessings they were receiving is overwhelming. So this first few "members" tackled making an outreach program. Just a simple act of random kindness.

[catching up turned meeting]39.jpg

But a good deed will always bear fruit. By the aid of word of mouth, people keep on pouring to participate in what was just a topic of a simple conversation. Since the "idea" is so remarkable, it ignites the spark of many. An unorganized gathering came with this familiar faces. Discussions about materializing the idea of an outreach program alongside with catching up sets in countless times. And from a gathering to another gathering, more and more familiar faces came in. And these people found themselves reunited again.

[2nd meeting]z.png

Fate is so unpredictable that after all that happened it brings people back together. No need for explanations and "sorry".No need for blaming and regretting. There was only a spark for a common goal, that is to come together, work as a team once again in the service of those at the bottom of the society.

[3rd unplanned meeting]184.jpg

With all of this unexpected events, Steemph.Antipolo was born. The first ever Steemit based organization in Antipolo. Who would have thought that this incredibly generous platform will be the driving force for this once was a disbanded group to assemble once again for a common good.

[4th meeting]3.jpg

And so, Steemph.Antipolo conducted their very own Steem Share outreach program at a local public school ( we will be making a separate blog about this). Sharing a portion of your blessing is such a noble job. Even if it is just a small act it will mean a lot to other people.

[Our Steemshare Program]33.jpg

Our mission is to warm people's hearts with acts of kindness. That unexpected random kindness we forget nowadays. Though we are just ordinary people of no wealth and connections we believe that we have much to offer to the community outside our community. No single man has the ability of not giving. As a saying goes, "Only empty hearts would not know how to reach out not empty pockets." Aside from treasure, there are other ways to reach out. We can offer our strength, intelligence, time and presence.


We envision a society of understanding, sharing, caring and appreciation for others. No act of kindness will be left in vain but rather it will be remembered and will be grateful for. This will be pass on form generations to generations. Every one is important. Everyone is a major part of the community.


Steemph.Antipolo is not just our story. It is the story of everyone. It is a story of friendship, of falling apart and redemption. We are of no difference to other all people out there who deep in their hearts also longs for helping those at the bottom. We are just plain ordinary people of no big name...of no wealth. of no masters degree, of no profession but with a vigor of reaching out. We are on our first steps and we will continue walking towards our dream on a journey of making this world a better place.

Thank you for reading.



It's great to find out that many people come together because of Steemit. Producing great valuable content takes time and effort. Collaborating and sharing ideas can make it a bit easier for everyone. Steem on!

thank you for the compliment sir @j-alhomestudio

I'm very thankful because I'm a comrade of our comunity
that's why I see that our community can help!
this is what I've been looking for! the people behind it and sure they will pull you up. to be with you in the right and abundant knowledge towards the bright future: D: D

We surely are :) one mission one community!!.

Nice comment. You nailed it

Nice steemantipolo it is a great community para makatulong sa mas maraming tao

I would like to take this opportunity to being a part of this community, and thanks to all of the supporters for all they have done to make this community become strong and widen. Without the generous support of all you guys and all great leaders and core leaders that make up this community without you guys.. this community would not have been possible... thanks and god bless...go..go..go STEEMPH.ANTIPOLO.. Mabuhay!!

lets work it out :)

Welcome to @steemph family!! Together we grow! Together to stand strong! Together let's achieve success!

thank you so much @grazz

Hai.. i'm new bie too.. nice to read and comment all friend in steemit.. please follow back

Wow nakaka tuwa naman balikan ung mga dati nating picture haha masaya ako na hanggang ngayon parte pa rin ako ng grupong to salamat sa inyo guys at sa mga tao na naging dahilan bakit andito tayo ngayon, sana marami pa tayong matulungan at sana lagi tayong mag kaisa 😍 Godbless and more Power sa STEEMITANTIPOLO

sama sama hanggang sa tagumpay

one good thing about this community is that it promotes LoyaLty among friends and continues to deepen and tighten reLationships. thank you @steemph.antipolo for aLLowing me to be part of your community. 😊

we are more blessed of having you here

I have a sister there in Antipolo City and I was introducing to her about steemit I hope she and her daughter would soon join steemit so they can be part of your group there @steemph.antipolo ...Congrats and God bless!

kindly inform us :)

Great idea, great cause and the beautiful people of the Philippines. We are over here in Mindanao and hope Steemit will help us bless the Philippines. God bless the Philippines!

thank you for the compliment. Keep on sharing Steemit

how can I join in your discord channel @steemitph

kindly contact sir @ruah on discord.

hi guys im new here . thanks for welcoming
thanks for following i follow back who follow me and upvoteback

welcome to steemit

Coming together is not easy and staying together is far more difficult. Through the years that have passed, I am grateful that we are still as one for a common objective. Mabuhay Steemph.Antipolo

through thick and thin


hi po pano po makasali sa mga group nyo

Hello po @cryptojeracks kung taga antipolo po kayo pwede po namin kayo isama mismo sa steemph.antipolo kung hindi naman po welcome na welcome parin po kayo sa mother community, ang steemph. Kontakin nyo po ako sa discord para dun po tayo mag usap @ruah#8057

GODBLESS sainyo ganda ng mission nyo goodluck😇

thanks po @sexxierhoda and Godbless din po :)

wow, does my heart good to see all these young people getting involved with steemit! Mahalo @steemph.antipolo!! Keep up the amazing work. Your group sets an example for others.

This is a heart warming comment. Thank you

You are most welcome.

Welcome to Steemit @steemph.antipolo!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Go go go @steemph.antipolo ! All for one, One for all!

Aim high, keep it up @steemph.antipolo!
All Pinoy on steemit share the same values of helping others and making positive change to everybody thru the use of blockchain technology, and sharing the fruits of our labor.

a knowledge wont become a wisdom if we will never share it

So lovely seeing great steemians of Antipolo. May the spirit of love and helping one another be with the community all the time... ♡♡♡

Amen. May God guide us every step of the way

He will...♡♡♡

hellow steemians and @ steemph.Antipolo guys thanks because you did not just be good friends but also both have been good and I've been with this nice work
I AM PROUD @steemph. Antipolo
the lord will keep us going !!!!! for more activities we can do in the future

lets work hand in hand

Steemit for is a collaboration of great thinkers, icons, and innovators think forward and backward, occassionally, they drive their brain in reverse, steemit antipolo focus your vision, continue sharing your great ideas, to transform the world

thank you for this advice @blaogao. We will keep it.

Hello my friend! Welcome to steemit world, I hope you realize your goal in this huge community, but to reach your dream you have to know well that you have to work hard to get it.

Thanks for the warmth welcome @faissalchahid hoping that I will see you reading steemph.antipolo's articles a lot. :)

Welcome @steemph. Antipolo in steemit.

thank you for welcoming us

Hi steemph.antipolo
Welcome to steemit and have a nice day.

Hi all you guys
You are very welcome and have the best of luck at rising the people up a little bit more in there lives.
Have wonderful day.

we will surely do

You are very welcome.

grateful for being part of this community, We are so blessed that Steem antipolo ph came, for us to continue our mission to help and more upcoming reach out program.

we will work as a team :)

Fantastic post, fantastic city.....but not as nice as Binangonan ;-) Best of wishes to you ladies and gentlemen :-)

visit us one of this days

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Nice Logo :)

thank you

Congratiolations @steemph.antipolo i am thankful to be part of this community.

so as we

This is a good read and very heartwarming. Antipolo is my hometown and it makes me so proud—your initiatives, generousity, and friendship—everyone puts an effort for this family to grow together. kudos! steem on!

thank you kabayan.