On my way to Antipolo for the Steemph.antipolofest!

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Hello fellow Steemians! This post was about my attendance at the Steemph.antipolofest last March 26, 2018 which it was held in Antipolo (Of course! Pun intended.) although that I arrived pretty late because I wasn't feeling well (I have a job interview with another company in the morning at that time but I told them that I have reschedule for another day because of it)

I remember that @SteemitAntipolo have an event on the same day as well which I'm trying to rest for a while to gather enough strength to go there at least which I did.

From my place that I took a jeep going to Antipolo which it took for a few hours depending on the traffic per se. At that time, going there just went rather smoothly for like an hour or so. After all that I will represent @steemph.manila on their behalf.

20180326_153314.jpgMy Journey starts here

Before I leave the house that I did search where is the location of the said resort which is why that I was able to get there by myself that is it took some more walk into it though..

20180326_155740.jpgThe Dropping point

20180326_160128.jpgOne old tree standing

20180326_160244.jpgLet the walking begin

20180326_160656.jpgGoing this route

20180326_160845.jpgGoing that route

20180326_161047.jpgGetting into the Green

20180326_161202.jpgGetting there yet so far away

20180326_162251.jpgAlmost there...

I was able find the said location except that the event was already done not to mention that @ruah whom he was one of the Steemians who handled the event that @steemnest, @steemitph and @dandalion have left the venue which I was not able to attend the main even (Sigh There always be a next time except that I have to suffer the pains of self-learning when it comes to the Steemit platform...)

20180326_172245.jpgAnd here I am!

While am here although that I was a little sad that I missed the even, I took the opportunity here to meet up other Steemians here in Antipolo such as @ruah who he provides me the important tidbits of the platform particularly with @utopian-io which I was having a hard time because I wasn't really into coding/programing etc although willing to learn and I need a personal mentor regarding with this matter, her spouse named @rodylina who brings along with her newly born 2nd daughter which I was surprised that she was out of the hospital for a short time after giving birth. (I guess that never underestimate a person's inner strength)

20180326_163233.jpgThese guys were making an announcement.

By the way that there was a raffle and I was the one who pick the 2 winners which it was rather surprising yet it was quite fun and I also meet up with other Steemians such as @beyonddisability, @rruubbiie and others. (As I mention before that I wasn't able to memorized their usernames and it will take some time to remember).

20180326_172303.jpgI bet that they're having a good time.

I must admit that even though that I came from a different group that have a sense of connection with the Antipolo community in terms on what we do in our lives which it amuses me about it though overall that it was quite refreshing although that I personally regret that I arrive the venue pretty late if I wasn't feeling well but I will be looking forward to attend their next event.

20180326_172322.jpgIt was nice to meet them in person

I guess that it's time to go to our respective homes to our respective families, it is to meet you guys and hopefully that I will see you again but this time that I will be better prepared for the next event!

20180326_172229.jpgIt's time to go!

Shout out to the following Steeminians: @toffer, @marou27, @leonardo1967, @cryptohurri, @johnpd, @mariejoyacajes, @rojellyannsotto, @jamherras1, @joyceann, @rossmanjay, @acinad, @ailyndelmonte, @rojellyannsotto and many to mention Steemians for a job well done!



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Great to know you @kuminga, hopefully we can see each other again, we will let you know if theres coming event of steemph.antipolo. :D


You bet that I'll come back soon!

Looking forward to see you
again in our next fest :) thanks a lot @kuminga for making such effort (the long walking journey) just to be with us. And of course, for cuddling with my sleepy baby.


Your Welcome @rodylina and I am happy that I was able to hold your child back then. (She still sleepy though.)

Madam @kuminga I follow you long time ago did not expect that you are kuminga.^^ happy to see you personally.2018_0315_16302300.jpg



I am also happy to meet you as well even though that I arrived late though but there is always be a next time.

Hi @kuminga grabe nag lakad ka talaga ng ganun kalayo grabe effort mo part 😊😊 hope na next time makasama ka ulit sa ganitong event namin 😄😄 god bless po


Indeed that I do walk if necessary especially if money is too tight, I've did this ever since college days which it was not a biggie at all. I'm also looking forward to see you again in the next event. Cheers!

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Nice, you met rruubbiieee, it's hard to forget that name, right :)
Great meetup from @steemph.antipolo!
Nice job @ruah, @steemitph, @dandalion!


Indeed that I did get to meet them although that it's almost done but there's always be a next time.

a very useful and useful post