SteemPets Wants You!!

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Most people know me as TheBugIQ and to you I say,

Hello everyone and welcome to SteemPets!

The burning question that you are all asking is!!! What the heck is SteemPets???

Well, I unequivocally say to you….who knows?! I don’t know where this is going but it’s sure going to be fun!!

SteemPets is an idea that popped into my head

when I was speaking with my good friend @poeticsnake. I was telling her how I would love to animate my little PlankTown characters into little creatures that you could interact with. Feed them, clothe them, love them, watch them grow and nothing bad ever happens to them. Snekky suggested something like a Tamagotchi she once had for many years.

From there, the idea of SteemPets started to grow in my mind because in all reality PlankTown characters would be far too restrictive for individual creativity. I started to envision pets that are unique to their owners and custom made each and every one.

After trying many avenues to assist in development and largely finding closed doors, I have decided to simply appeal to the community and get everyone involved.

SteemPets is looking for you!!!

First and foremost my creative genius friend @poeticsnake will be in the mix, as always, helping with the creative development of SteemPets.

Next, the wonderful and amazing artist known as @derosnec will be involved helping with artwork and hopefully, eventually helping to oversee a larger group of artists and various creatives.

Do you code? Animate? Create in ways that match SteemPets needs? Have a million SP you want to delegate? Let me know!! Leave a comment or DM me on discord @thebugiq

I want to know what you want!!

Do you want your pet to be a static, high quality image? A GIF? Do you want to interact with it? Do you want to be able to buy a SteemPet for someone? Buy e-gifts for your SteemPet and others? A treat, a blanket or bed? Do you want your SteemPet to be able to interact with other SteemPets? Do you want to send your Pet on an overnight or weekend visit to hang out with another SteemPet while you’re away on a trip?

It is my belief that this world, both the analogue world I have to live in every day and the digital world I inhabit here, are in real need of cuteness overload.

When I stopped by the Alliance for a member meetup I was honestly amazed at the fast level of engagement when I mentioned SteemPets. @enginewitty immediately offered to help and understood right away what I was envisioning.

Other Alliance members started chiming in right away. @thekittygirl wanted a Wooly Mammoth Unicorn and @sykochia chimed in with oh cool, a WoolyCorn. Of course @saffisara wants to be a HugBunny, what else could she possibly be!! @sykochica called dibs on the Platypus and @derosnec will be working on that first as a starter and we’re going to try for an adorable PlatyKitty combo! Can’t wait to see that creativity.

I’ve been speaking to various people for a few months about this concept and it has literally gone nowhere. The reasons absolutely don’t matter to me. Everyone is super busy and involved and I love that.

I want YOU in the mix!!

I want to know what you want! Am I going to monetize this? Of course I am. What merch do you want?? Do you want a high quality cozy blanket with your pet stitched on it? A 3D print of it for your desk? A Halloween costume for your little one? An app for kids to have their own SteemPet tied into the blockchain so they can interact and gain points to buy merch with SteemPet Coins?

Do you want SteemPets colouring books printed and sent out? SteemPet communities where pets can gather together and create their own world and make decisions about resources? Maybe kindness, thoughtfulness and compassion are actual currencies in that world? Who knows??? Universe is the limit!!

I’m truly looking forward to spreading the love with you all. I am in the midst of a real life, personal revolution that I may or may not start filling people in on down the road. Let’s just say I’m very excited for the future. I hope you are as well.

Make Your SteemPet Unique!!

Use your imagination!! Your SteemPet can be land, air, water, earth, space based and more. Maybe you want to combine several creatures!

For those interested, @derosnec and I will be creating a short run of only 25 SteemPets for 10 Steem each. As of now there are 20 spots available. If you would like to take advantage of this great short run discount, simply send 10 Steem to @derosnec with a short description of your desired SteemPet. SteemPets will be created in the order they arrive in @derosnec's wallet!! !

These will take several weeks as she is unreal busy in the aftermath of her part in Ant Man & The Wasp!! How blessed are we to have her working on SteemPets!! Please leave a comment on this post with the description of your pet. After this short initial run, SteemPets will be 25 Steem to create. These are individual, handmade, unique SteemPets produced by amazingly talented people.

These initial SteemPets are static images with no animation of any kind. But they are being created with future animation in mind. Please be patient as we develop this along with the community!

SteemPets Discord

In case no one told you today, you’re beautiful.


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I am so looking forward to be working together with you and all the others on this project! I am so excited that I am bouncing instead of slithering!!!!!

heyhey my partner in crime :) A HUGE blessing to have you along for this ride!! :D Keep bouncing!!!

What a cool idea and you're one of my favorite Steemit people. Looks like a creative match made in heaven. :)

Hey hey!! :D It's been a while for me to spot you here!
Yes, I so love working with him on our other projects! It's a blast for sure!
Quick claim your spot! I know you can come up with a great one!


I absolutely love this so much 😃👍🤗
I'm nr #4 and I want a Hug bunny +Unicorn
I sent the steem and thank you @TheBugIQ so much for everything my friend 🤗❤️

You're always so welcome Sara!! 🤗 Can't wait to see what your pet turns out like!

Received! thanks for your patience as I get things organized! :D

This is such a cool idea and I love @poeticsnake and @sykochica
If I was going to pick an animal it would have to be a ferret because I am a crazy ferret lady and I love those stinky little creatures and their thieving ways. LOL

@steempets - I'm transferring STEEM out of savings. It's going to be 3 days but I'm definitely interested in a SteemPet! Once I send funds can I request a spot? I would love to be # 13.

Maybe you might like a Zorro Ferret LOL. He could have a little bandit mask and a little sword hehe. Or just a ferret!! haha

I'm going to expose the geek side but I was thinking of something inspired by a female elf warrior from D&D LOL I was just on discord with @poeticsnake talking about that.

Oh sweeeeeeeet :D Very cool!!

Received! thanks for your patience as I get things organized! :D

@sykochica sent Steem, too, so I am #7 and have sent you the 10 Steem!
I put #2 on my memo, 'cause I didn't know any better! LOL!

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Actually we're not really worried about numbers anymore LOL. They just get done in the order they show up in @derosnec's wallet!! :D

Received! thanks for your patience as I get things organized! :D

  ·  last year (edited)

I want a wooly mammoth + Unicorn #3

Can it be mostly lavender in color with some rainbows on the wings?

Ooooh! I love rainbows on the wings. That's a nice touch. :)

Received! thanks for your patience as I get things organized! :D

Sounds like a super cool idea! That cryptokitties one did really well if you could do one on steem but even more customizable like you mentioned I bet it would be pretty awesome!
I'm kinda tight on steem, but I'll try to think of a cool pet idea and let you know if I think of one.

That would be so cool, I'll try to think of what suits you? :D

Word! Ferrets and butterflies are probably my favorite animals.. I'm not sure how it would work to mix the two together, lol.. But.. Maybe it would be cool! :D

Wow she's working in the movie industry. Amazing.

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No clue what number I am, be sending the STEEM shortly. I want a dragon.

Anything unique to you about the dragon you like? :)

Received! thanks for your patience as I get things organized! :D

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@sykochia is a well known crazy chia pet. I have zero clue where you're getting your ridiculous information from!! Get with the program! :P


Super fab Idea.

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this sounds so coool!!! is it gonna level up and gain xp too? haha
I've resteemed this! and so tempted to get one but I have no idea what I want without seeing what they look like lol....

  ·  last year (edited)

ok I'm gonna join! I have a pet idea! :D
This is the first time I've given steem to someone to make something on steemit! :DDDDD exciting!! thank you @derosnec !!!

Received thank you!! I have a bit of a backlog so thanks for your patience as I do a bit of catching up! :D

❤️❤️❤️looking forward to it!!

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Is there room for one more SteemPet request? If so I'll send 10 STEEM right away.

I'd like to order a crazed monkey swinging high in the trees flinging poo. It's a gift for a friend lexikon082. He's kind of zany and fun as his picture shows.

I'm sure we can do it, just sent the 10 Steem right to @derosnec! We'll probably make it monkey glitter cotton candy poo or something a little sweeter LOL

I just sent the funds. Glitter cotton candy poo sounds hysterical! I bet his daughter would love that. :)

OMG a challenge!! LOLOLOL

received thank you!! I'm hoping to start getting moving on these little guys next week :D Thanks for being patient with me!

Wishing you luck and a good journey with your personal revolution!

What an exciting fun idea! Im afraid I'm not savvy enough to code, or artistic in any way to be of assistance. As for your mentioned ideas above, they all sound grand, especially the interaction between the pets. I have this weird picture in my head now of a group of colorful animals playing a crazy version of Double Dare. :)

If thereare any slots available, may I please request a purple an black fox squirrel (like from Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind) with two tails? I'll send the steem if I'm not too late.

Thanks for the great reply @brisby! Yes the vision for this project is endless and the wonderful ideas from the community keep coming in.

You're still in good time to get a SteemPet for 10 steem (they will go up to 25 steem after the initial 25...mayyyybe 30?) Just send it directly to @derosnec and she will put you in the que!! :D Really grateful to have you along for the ride :D


I don't have any steem right now, but if it's not too late by Friday then I would love a Kitty!

Awww thanks Isaria! Anything special you want for your kitty??? It's not a goth kitty is it??? :D

lol sure a goth kitty would be cool!

Oh my, that's going to be super cute!!! Can't wait! @derosnec is amazing :)