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TOP 20

This morning @proxy.token (Korean community) voted for 6 new block producers and @steempeak was one of those... we joined 5 others as new top 20 witnesses.

Thank you very much to everyone who support us

Technically smooth sailing so far

Right now the system we have worked on for our witness server and tweaks we've made over the last 14 months with our monitoring system is working great. However we are gonna use some of that block producer rewards to do some other things to make sure it remains smooth sailing.

SteemPeak has always been financially self-sufficient even without block-producer rewards however we're looking forward to powering up the account at a faster rate.


We're right on the edge of 20 and there's no guarantee we stay there...

UPDATE: since I started writing this post we're now at #17

So we're asking our community, readers and those who love what we've done in the last 18 months to consider voting for our witness.


  • TECHNICALLY SOUND: We have produced blocks for over a year and have been very successful only missing 19 blocks in that 14 month period and most of that was when everyone missed lots of blocks during the last blockchain halt.
  • SELF-SUFFICIENT: Our business plan and operations has no dependency on witness rewards... or any delegation either. We run at a net positive after paying bills almost since we started and have powered up consistently.
  • FEATURE SET: We have added hundreds of features to our STEEM INTERFACE since we started May of 2018. Check out the video below where @jarvie shares dozens of bullet points as to what features and tools we've created on our time on Steem.
  • OUR PLANS: Our goal is to make the site ready for full time influential content creators to feel comfortable to bring their millions of followers to Steem. So we're preparing the site to be ready for that and preparing strategy to market to them.

You can see what we've done and what we plan in this presentation at SteemFest 2019 by @jarvie


Voting Authority

The SteemPeak Team

About us: https://steempeak.com/about
Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/6hCAcVp


congratulations! You have my vote. It is important to have apps in the top rows and it is even more important that the business concept is not build on the rewards for this. Keep on your excellent work.

Awesome! Congrats on getting to top 20. You’re there because you listen to your users and are always updating your processes and service. Thanks! Not to mention all of the awesome things that come along with what you provide like Peakmonsters and Steempeak itself.

Thanks we're very proud of our responsiveness to all the users. Now we want to know what your non-steem friends will want of the site and make it the best place for all your friends and your fans.

Fantastic news, guys. Couldn't have happened to a better team. You're an asset to the chain. Wouldn't be the same without you, glad to see you getting the support you deserve.

Congrats on the top 20 position! Well deserved!

Congratulations. Already voting for you guys, but happy to see you up in the top 20, I think it is deserved.

We appreciate the vote of confidence. Nice way to start 2020

This is great to see. I am happy to watch applications breaking into the top 20. This is important since apps are putting a lot on the line to build their businesses.

Best team on the blockchain after the splinterlands team, as I am legally obligated to say. 😎😎

Nice, I hope you stay there for a while. You guys deserve it, Steempeak is the best!

It's great that you guys are there.

You ready for the politics?

I've been a supporter of the Steempeak witness for months since I jumped ship over from Busy! I don't see that changing in the foreseeable future :-D

Well we certainly plan on adding many more features to make your decision better and better.

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